Downhearted Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A: You looked downhearted all day. What happened? 1
2. After hearing the news of the defeat, she told supporters not to be downhearted. 1
3. All the talk of weddings made Anne feel downhearted and impatient with the secrecy that John insisted on. 1
4. And don't be too downhearted. 1
5. Bobby: Kelly, what's wrong? You look so downhearted. 1
6. Don't be too downhearted. There's always a way. 1
7. Gu's poetry shows his downheartedness and discontentedness with the society, while Chong's poetry reflects his benevolence and his social responsibility. 1
8. He failed in being admitted to a university. Even then he was not downhearted. 1
9. He is very downhearted about the poor grade he got in school. 1
10. He was very downhearted about the poor grades he got in school. 1
11. I disinterred my eightpence and took the road with Nobby, a respectable, downhearted tramp who carried a spare pair of boots and visited all the Labour Exchanges. 1
12. I got so downhearted and scared, I did wish I had some company. 1
13. I have not become downhearted or low - spirited. 1
14. It's much downhearted than I have ever imagined when this day comes at last. 1
15. Lifelike giraffe, that is deep and it is natural tonal foiling white furniture, make whole unapt appear downhearted or pale. 1
16. Max sighed, sounding even more downhearted. 1
17. No one is downhearted here. 1
18. No one would suspect that she had ever been downhearted because of Ashley and Melanie. 1
19. On the contrary, if criticize simply, deny, child's understanding will is downhearted, deny oneself, lack confidence. 1
20. So my message is to shop around and not to be downhearted. 1
21. Some Brazilians are not altogether downhearted, though. 1
22. The defeated candidate sprang to the front of the platform, " Comrades, are we downhearted? " 1
23. The unpremeditated crime that Picasso commits to oneself is downhearted, should destroy copperplate depict almost. 1
24. Tom was downhearted, but tried hard not to show it. 1
25. Unexpectedly hen each is downhearted, always do not lay an egg. 1
26. We're disappointed by these results but we're not downhearted. 1
27. When no job offers came, I began to feel downhearted. 1
28. When no replies came, I began to feel downhearted. 1
29. When World War I broke out . he seemed to have become another man, downhearted. 1
30. When World War I broke out . he seemed to have become another man,(This website/downhearted.html) downhearted. 1

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