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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use down, so you can learn how to use down in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word down here, and see the words sound like or similar to down

# Sentence Times
1. “Bakersfield is likely to slow down the installation of smart meters—not just in the United States but worldwide,” says Ahmad Faruqui of the Brattle Group, a consultancy. 1
2. “I’d hate to take down one of the ‘good’ guys by mistake, ” Hanlin says caustically. 1
3. “It seems like just yesterday I was walking the kids down to the bus stop, ” he says, in that sort of dreamy, declamatory voice he sometimes uses. 1
4. “Leader” Muammar Gadaffi is hunkered down in Tripoli, defended by army units from his tribe and mercenaries from black Africa. 1
5. “The prison break will slow down the peace process,” said Mullah Noorul Aziz Agha, a Taliban member who recently decided to lay down his arms and work with the government. 2
6. ( She puts her hand on the dish towel which lies on the table , stands looking down at table , one half of which is clean , the other half messy . ) It's wiped to here . 1
7. (This assumes they have the fortitude to stare down the Chinese, who currently hold a whopping portion of US debt, and deny them something they really want). 1
8. (This assumes they have the fortitude to stare down the Chinese, who currently hold a whopping portion of US debt,(This website. 1
9. ''I took a pan to a red telephone kiosk down the road, sat on it, hoping and praying no one would come along and take me off to a nut house , '' he said. 1
10. 'A sport coat is a larger investment than a shirt, ' he notes, adding that it's easier to tone down a bright shirt with a dark jacket than vice versa. 1
11. 'Calm down,' she said, looking at his angry face. 1
12. 'Education can break down perceptions, ' said Darwin, who said mainland Chinese take their drinking tips from Hong Kong, the world's hottest fine wine auction market. 1
13. 'Get this man down to the station and throw the book at him!' yelled Curtis. 1
14. 'I don't know,' she repeated as she stared blindly down into her glass. 1
15. 'I won't let you down,' he replied confidently. 1
16. 'I won't let you down.' 'I sincerely hope not.' 1
17. 'I'm coming!' she called down the stairs. 1
18. 'Keep your voice down,' I whispered. 1
19. 'Now, comrades, ' cried Snowball, throwing down the paint-brush, 'to the hayfield! 1
20. 's death, Zubeyde Hanim settled down in Huseyin Effendi 's house, who worked as a steward in Rapla farm near Salonika. 1
21. 'Sit down and be quiet,' she ordered. 1
22. 'Sit down!' Meekly, she obeyed. 0
23. 'Sit down.'--'I prefer standing for a while, if you don't mind.'. 1
24. 'Slow down!' yelled Ben from the back seat. 0
25. 'The Saudi and U.A.E. markets continue down the well-trodden path of recovering bubbles, relieved of the speculative excesses but weighed down by legacy issues,' said Nomura's Tarek Fadlallah. 2
26. 'Wake up,' he said, jiggling up and down on the bed. 1
27. 'Write it down, ' he said patronizingly. 'Why not? You seem to be more comfortable writing. ' 1
28. 'You're elaborating on why they were meaningful, and you're laying down an additional memory trace, ' says neuroscientist James McGaugh at UC Irvine. 1
29. 'You're only a rebel from the waist downwards,'he told her. 1
30. " Be quiet,'she warned suddenly, grasping his arm. " Listen . Someone's down there. ". 1

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