Doubtful Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use doubtful, so you can learn how to use doubtful in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word doubtful here, and see the words sound like or similar to doubtful

# Sentence Times
1. 'Everything's going to be all right, you'll see.' Jenny looked doubtful . 1
2. "2009 will be characterised by bad and doubtful debts on the business side of things. 2010 will begin to move into the consumer side as unemployment begins to peak," he added. 1
3. "Are you telling me the truth?" he asked doubtfully. 1
4. A 12)copy editor?" doubtful. Most of us never had the exposure to the wide array of options in the world of work." 1
5. A doubtful bacillus cereus strain was isolated from spicery additive of Cinnamomum cassia powder. 1
6. Accruing depreciation, stock valuations, provisions for doubtful debts, etc., are subjective judgements which make historic cost profit subjective. 1
7. After diagnosis, child indeed for doubtful hand and foot mouth case. 1
8. Aim was doubtful but sufficient to send the attackers hurrying back. 1
9. Already the whole scheme was looking increasingly doubtful. 1
10. Although a skillful flatterer is a most delightful companion if you have him all to yourself, his taste becomes very doubtful when he takes to complimenting other people. Charles Dickens  1
11. Although it is doubtful whether the established set-up will hold, the future form of any new constitution is uncertain. 1
12. An earthly tree a heavenly fruit - Cast off all doubtful care (William Byrd). Sacred. Sacred song. 1
13. An elderly lady in doubtful health, she was terrified, particularly when the calls continued after her unlisted number was changed. 1
14. And if you do take one, you'll probably make the shop assistants feel unease, they might be doubtful of your intentions. 1
15. Ards now have Erskine, Bustard and McCourt doubtful for the replay with injuries. 1
16. As Joe and Rex looked on doubtfully, I began an inspection tour of the entire raft. 1
17. As soon as he finished, his supporters applauded vigorously, but most of the masses were taken aback and exchanged doubtful glances. 1
18. At first we were doubtful about employing Charlie. 1
19. At that moment the doubtful attractiveness of Romola's face was transfigured to the most loveable womanliness by mingled pity and affection. 1
20. At the beginning of the war things were looking very doubtful. 1
21. At the end of each month, management should again estimate the probable amount of uncollectible accounts and adjust the Allowance for doubtful Accounts to this new estimate. 1
22. Bailout loan: Loan made to Borrower whose ability to service outstanding indebtedness has become doubtful. 1
23. Because of the doubtful reanalysis of the data Maran and colleagues' findings should be interpreted with caution. 1
24. Brittles looked doubtfully at Mr. Giles. 1
25. But his attitudes toward overseas military education change from attentiveness to repudiation. He is also doubtful and rejective to the returned students. 1
26. But in the architecture of Emperors'tomb beds appeared more or less doubtful places, from which we can find some clues and uncover the historic cases of pendency. 1
27. But it is doubtful if the problem can or should be solved with spending cuts alone. 1
28. But it is doubtful whether, if elected, he could single-handedly change the timetable at such a late stage. 1
29. But it seems doubtful if theologies would be wise to regard that importance as the beginning and the end of their business. 1
30. But the result confirmed that building society provisions will rocket this year to cover bad and doubtful home loans. 1

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