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1. (English: "I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am"). Rene Descartes  1
2. ' But the nature of the website no doubt attracts those who are interested in more than just cybersex. 1
3. 'Everything's going to be all right, you'll see.' Jenny looked doubtful . 1
4. 'Is there any doubt about it?' 'None whatsoever.' 1
5. 'No doubt he'll give me the chance to fight him again,' he jibed, tongue in cheek. 1
6. " I doubt that, " he said and his face went suddenly quiet and somber. 1
7. " The Wealth of the Nations " is one of such classics without doubt. 1
8. "2009 will be characterised by bad and doubtful debts on the business side of things. 2010 will begin to move into the consumer side as unemployment begins to peak," he added. 1
9. "After the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, you could no longer say there was no historical Jesus," says Theologian Otto Betz of Tubingen, once a redoubt of Bultmannian doubters. 1
10. "Are you telling me the truth?" he asked doubtfully. 1
11. "Have you done the repairs?" — "Can't say off-hand, but I doubt it." 1
12. "I despise intelligence" really means: "I cannot bear my doubts.". Albert Camus  1
13. "I doubt seriously if sanctions are going to bring them around on stopping their nuclear program," says Nau. 1
14. "I'm trying to bring the word to the young people: There is too much doubt, " rapper Big Boi, of the Atlanta-based group Outkast, said at a church near the prison. 1
15. "If in other sciences we should arrive at certainty without doubt and truth without error(This website/without doubt.html), it behooves us to place the foundations of knowledge in mathematics. " - Roger Bacon. 2
16. "It would have made enough scampi to feed an army for a month—it was giant, and no doubt very tasty," quipped study co-author Derek Briggs, director of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. 1
17. "Meireles is a class act, there's no doubt about that, " Fairclough told Liverpoolfc. tv. 1
18. "None can doubt that what is written took place," proclaimed St. Jerome, who translated the Gospels into Latin in the 4th century. 1
19. "Our crowd will be vital to us on Sunday, no doubt about that, but we've got to give them something to cheer about, " he added. 1
20. "The good run at the World Cup is without doubt contributing to an improved overall consumer climate in Germany," said Rolf Buerkl, an economist at the GfK market research group. 1
21. "There are doubts, however, as to how this alliance will work, " according to the author of this Insight, Kevin Mak, industry analyst for the Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronics Service. 1
22. "There are still serious doubts if philanthropic donations could be put to good use, as intended," an invitee told me two days ahead of the dinner date. 1
23. "There is no doubt that the American families are having difficulty, wanting to invest in big-ticket home items during this economic situation," J.C. Penney's CEO Myron Ullman said. 1
24. "There is no doubt this just adds to the allure to a potential Facebook IPO," said Morningstar IPO strategist Bill Buhr. 1
25. "This increased oxygen no doubt had major consequences for the evolution of complex life. It can be expected that modern changes will also strongly perturb evolution, " (Papineau) adds. 1
26. "We are without a doubt in the midst of an extraordinary sea change," she told me. "The transformation is momentous—immensely liberating and immensely scary. 1
27. A . Pistons . No doubt. I don't think Cavaliers stand a chance. 1
28. A 0-0 opening draw against Uruguay led to doubts over England's ability to dethrone Brazil, but England reached the last eight following victories over Mexico and France. 1
29. A 12)copy editor?" Doubtful. Most of us never had the exposure to the wide array of options in the world of work." 0
30. A computer programmer would almost certainly get a computer to do it that way, but I doubt whether the brain does. 1

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