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# Sentence Times
1. Bright, dolorous, sonsy and memorable. 1
2. But the dolorous town where mourners are going about the street. 1
3. From hunger, cold, isolation, destitution. A dolorous bargain. A soul for a morsel of bread. Misery offers; society accepts. 1
4. I am dying, the Monsignor thought, staring up at the dolorous face that stared back from the crucifix. 1
5. I realized that, even though I experienced every failure as a dolorous event that slammed me on the ground, every one of them helped me in the long term to become the man that I am today. 1
6. I suspect he had a long and dolorous heart-to-heart with a crocodile. 1
7. Missing you is the beautiful dolorous sweet disconsolate, in the heart, but it is the warm without any words. 1
8. Mr Carter's tone was dolorous, but there is an extraordinary lilt to Mr Obama's rhetoric which puts a bounce back into everyone's step. 1
9. Mr Carter's tone was dolorous(This website/dolorous.html), but there is an extraordinary lilt to Mr Obama's rhetoric which puts a bounce back into everyone's step. 0
10. Now and again the hunter can hear a long - draw dolorous whine of some unseen coyote. 1
11. Once when Confucius was passing near the foot of Mount Tai in a chariot, there was a married woman weeping at a grave mound, and dolorously too. 1
12. One of these, the parlor, gay with an ingrain carpet and dolorous with a funeral card and a death-picture of one of her numerous departed babes, was kept strictly for company. 1
13. Sally stopped. Then she uttered a dolorous phrase that we could all understand. My dog is dead, she said, as tears filled her eyes. 1
14. Sally stopped. Then she uttered dolorous phrase that we could all understand. "My dog is dead, " she said, as tears filled her eyes. 1
15. Scare alone and dolorous, but scare much more to plustoghter. 1
16. So, in the here, I hope all dolorous things are past, all happy things around you every day! 1
17. The beautiful and dolorous memory. 1
18. The pillow struck the wall and burst, scattering stuffing everywhere just as dolorous Edd Tollett poked his head through the door. 1
19. The voice of the mournful chanter called to dolorous prayer. 1
20. They had heard so very little of this; yet it was enough to build up wretched dolorous dreams upon, there in the shade of the night. 1
21. They may possibly serve as footnotes to the work of some future historian, lightening a little the dolorous annals of the automobile. 1
22. They vagabondize to distance. Song is their home. Dance is their family. The strong and dolorous zingaro bring the different music. 1
23. Those people who lifted up arms of sensation with dolorous hearts yearned for retaining a sentence of words from God with stretching devoutness . 1
24. With a broken - hearted smile, he lifted a pair of dolorous eyes. 1

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