Doleful Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use doleful, so you can learn how to use doleful in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word doleful here, and see the words sound like or similar to doleful

# Sentence Times
1. 'It was my little daughter,'said Parsons with a sort of doleful pride. 1
2. "I don't know why they left," he said dolefully. 1
3. Baudelaire curled up on the chintz sofa and looked doleful. 1
4. Be unable to bear doleful wife, in the unit Alexandrine also department produced an impact. 1
5. Do you think, Cbunt, that this doleful and crude dirge of Elvis's might soon be changed? 1
6. Don't look so doleful, girls. 1
7. Empty, doleful, whether to let a person remember sad, sad thing? 1
8. Everyman wasn't as comprehensive and incisive as it might have been, but it was an intriguing, doleful documentary none the less. 1
9. He always shows a doleful expression. 1
10. He gave me a long, doleful look. 1
11. He had short, bandy legs, long straggly ginger hair and bloodshot, baggy eyes that gave him the doleful look of a basset hound. 1
12. Hey, nobody manages I the distress of doleful teacher, speak out, who is clear, beg your gangmaster to raise come, see me listen to the class clear. 1
13. His countenance , as he came on, wore an abstracted and somewhat doleful air. 1
14. His doleful expression showed that he had failed in the examination. 1
15. His mother looked at him dolefully when he told her he had joined the Army. 1
16. How to face doleful mood? 1
17. I saw her doleful face. 1
18. I was doleful yesterday doleful today, who can forecast tomorrow? 2
19. Most propbably goodwife also can spend a happy equipment eat time here, since I do not cook, male host says, then I must let her as far as possible comfortable, put a TV so won't doleful. 1
20. Mrs. Trenor shook her head dolefully. 1
21. No fantasy video game quite prepares you for lines of carefully mortared fibulas, tibias and doleful skulls. 1
22. Other game manufacturer is unwilling also and doleful. 1
23. Perhaps be in doleful when, can accept a goodish man, but the other side wants to be able to give you warmth and companionship at least. 1
24. Population is little and the domestic bedroom that feels doleful, match colors appropriate chooses warm color, population is much and become aware Bacchic domestic bedroom appropriate uses cool color. 1
25. Primary voters alarmed by his angry rabble-rousing sighed and turned doleful. 1
26. Sadness is based on human individual presence, and is also individual experience of Being which is mostly comprised of doleful experience of life and which is sublimed in ancient literature. 1
27. Sarah joked dolefully that she and William attracted all the ill luck in the clan. 1
28. She shook her head dolefully. 1
29. So it was doubly doleful to me. 1
30. The casualty of the traffic accident was a doleful record. 1

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