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# Sentence Times
1. 'We reduced our cash holdings and increased our investments in alternative assets with a view to further diversifying our portfolio, ' CIC Chairman Lou Jiwei said in the report. 1
2. "It's rational for an individual bank to have sought to diversify its balance sheet," says Haldane. 1
3. "This will allow us to retool Russian enterprises with technology, boost their production culture and grant them the opportunity to diversify investments and win new markets," he said. 1
4. "We found those species that avoid self-fertilization diversify faster, giving them a long-term advantage, " Goldberg said. 1
5. A factory must try to diversify for further development. 1
6. A specialized coffee grower, who now owns four washing stations across the country, Nkubili began his career investing in a trucking company, before diversifying. 1
7. After so much research and writing, the writer personally believes the assessment on junior students mathematics learning should pluralize the individuals, and diversify the assessment forms. 1
8. Artisans will develop their ability to diversify their products and achieve limited improvements in their technology. 1
9. As a singer, she began to diversify, performing songs in many languages. 1
10. As countries industrialise and diversify, their exports grow, which sometimes results in a trade surplus. 1
11. As hospitals continue to consolidate, centralize, and diversify functions, competition will increase at all job levels. 1
12. As long as you use a common storage project, you can diversify where your grid workers reside. 1
13. Better coal supply company environment, diversify the sources of ore more successful. 1
14. Buffett adds that there's nothing wrong with being a know-nothing investor, and that they should diversify. 1
15. But its larger-than-expected size for its family, and plant-eating teeth, suggest that such archosaurs, ancestors to dinosaurs, had already begun to diversify widely by its time. 1
16. But many universities are convinced that racial preferences ("affirmative action") are necessary to diversify the intake, both racially and sociologically. 1
17. But mobsters have been looking to diversify their operations. 1
18. But recently the town fathers decided to diversify their tourist offerings, building the fancifully titled Qingdao International Wine Street. 1
19. But what started out as lab-scale technology is now a full-blown manufacturing company servicing the architectural and automotive industries, and diversifying into military applications. 1
20. But why diversify further into greetings cards, calendars, diaries or posters? 1
21. China expects to make concerted efforts with Russia to strengthen cooperation at local levels, diversify and step up such cooperation so as to benefit the two peoples. 1
22. China's export of its surplus capital is both unavoidable – because it is diversifying from its US holdings to invest in Japan and Europe – and welcome. 1
23. Dale now works freelance from home and plans to diversify to explore other subjects and techniques. 1
24. Dinosaurs could not have been moribund because they were still diversifying into new orders. 1
25. Economies of scope refer to the potential cost advantages likely to arise via diversifying strategies involving horizontal integration in particular. 1
26. Egypt wants to diversify its trade and investment portfolio. 1
27. Environmental legislation is a high priority for Australia, which needs to diversify its economy to move beyond its role as China's "coal pit". 1
28. Farmers are being encouraged to diversify into new crops. 1
29. Harwell was considering diversifying into new non-nuclear areas for the offshore and biotechnology industries. 1
30. Hawker Siddeley tried to hedge its bets by diversifying into other fields. 1

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