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1. A finite difference solution of the diurnal and semidiurnal tides and tidal currents in the Korea Strait is obtained with satisfactory agreement to the observed distribution. 1
2. A large diurnal owl (Nyctea scandiaca) of Arctic and subarctic regions, having snow-white plumage with dark markings. 1
3. A preliminary study on diurnal variation of carbonyl compound concentrations at roadside air of urban Guangzhou was performed in summer 2001. 1
4. A study of the rule of the diurnal variation of latitude and longitude, obtained with the astrolabe in Shanghai, leads us to the hypothesis that the diurnal var... 2
5. Adaptable body rhythms, as easily nocturnal as diurnal. 1
6. Any of nearly 60 species of diurnal Birds of prey in the family Falconidae, characterized by long, pointed wings and swift , powerful flight . 1
7. As a whole, these results showed that the extended CUPID model could correctly simulate the spatial distribution and diurnal variation of the soil component temperature. 1
8. Background - Myocardial infarction, stroke, and sudden death undergo diurnal variation. 1
9. CH4 uptake flux also had obvious diurnal variation, higher in the daytime and lower in night. 1
10. Changes in the diurnal cycle allow different developmental stages of embryos to be available during normal working hours. 1
11. Chinese Proverb"the third day of water, the eighteen of tide"in the Folk World, it is only suitable of which is mainly semidiurnal tide sea, and it is not suitable of which is mainly diurnal tide sea. 1
12. Come so, the excitement of pallium and restrain a level to be in relative balance physiology position to fall from beginning to end, more be helpful for diurnal job and study. 1
13. Conclusion: diurnal BP change is abnormal in the aged cerebral infarction patients with hypertension during convalescence. 1
14. Desert areas on Earth often have wide diurnal temperature ranges due to nighttime radiative cooling through very clear skies. 1
15. Even if the prey had a good sensory system to notice a predator closing in, the success rate of a nocturnal attack may be higher than a diurnal attack. 1
16. Features of such trials should include a carefully chosen definition of glaucoma, IOP measurements taken both diurnally and nocturnally, and perhaps measurements of ocular blood flow, he recommended. 1
17. FFT results show semidiurnal tides and diurnal tides dominate the current movement. 1
18. Fig. 3.4 Skeletal element proportions of bone assemblages from diurnal raptors and mammalian carnivores, as for Fig. 3.2. 1
19. Figure 1 shows the average diurnal variation of ozone and total peroxide in baseline air for January 1992. 1
20. Good agreement of the computed results to the observed is achieved for diurnal and semidiurnal tides. 1
21. In all three cases, the 17-OHCS are elevated and there is no diurnal variation. 1
22. In liaoning hebei shandong etc diurnal variation of small area is significantly better than any other varieties cultivated sweetness. 1
23. In the marginal seas adjacent to Yantai, tides are regular semidiurnal tides; and tidal currents are diurnal currents. 1
24. In the spring and fall, the Rock Rattlesnake can be diurnal, moving between shelters and basking in the sunshine of the cooler mornings. 1
25. It was found that curve of diurnal changes of light use efficiency of four plants tended to "double peaks", but the curve of Carex korshinskyi was differed from the others . 1
26. Kangaroos are diurnal animals. 1
27. Many of the diurnal, or daylight-active species are popular aquarium subjects, but there are also several popular nocturnal species. 1
28. Many reptiles have a preferred temperature range within internally regulated diurnal rhythms. 1
29. Most owls are nocturnal, hunting at night for similar prey to the diurnal or day-hunting hawks. 1
30. Most owls are nocturnal, hunting at night for similar prey to the diurnal or day-hunting hawks.Sentence dictionary 1

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