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# Sentence Times
1. A car smashed into her rear end as she dithered over which direction to take. 1
2. A dither control method using phase lock technology is presented and a controller is developed. 1
3. A new method named as pulse edge strobing decoder is presented to solve the problems . The principle of this method which is based on dithering periodic sampling is analyzed and proved theoretically. 1
4. Afterwards , two practical factors , which negative effects , are discussed in detail: lighting variation and camera dithering. 1
5. And he was remembered too for his commitment to standing up to Slobodan Milosevic in Kosovo after the dithering over Bosnia. 1
6. And the Fed has perhaps learned that it is better to act swiftly rather than dither. 1
7. As I was dithering between neglected work and abandoned clearing up, she rang me. 1
8. Both the dither and the special purposepalette can not solve this problem well. 1
9. Button control digital potentiometer X9511 is consists of time delay circuit removed dithering, mono- stability circuit, preventative dithering trigger. 2
10. By sampling with high speed and filtering the outputs of laser gyro, the method can remove the noise caused by dither and get the inertial angular rate needed. 1
11. Come on, stop dithering and look smart - you're old enough! 1
12. During the performance of dithered ring laser gyros, dither bias should keep stable. A dither controller using self-oscillation and AGC technology is designed and tested. 3
13. Each time European policymakers reacted similarly: with denial and dithering, followed at the eleventh hour with a half-baked rescue plan to buy time. 1
14. Error diffusion, or dithering, is a way of avoiding aliasing due to a cut - down palette size. 1
15. Experimental results show the correct vectors of camera are reserved while dithers are eliminated, the peak signal-to-noise ratio of smoothed video is higher than that of the original video. 1
16. For God's sake stop dithering and make up your mind! 1
17. For many proponents of a flat tax, this is mere dithering. 1
18. For those still tempted to dither, consider this. 1
19. Gideon is in a bit of a dither about what to wear for the interview. 1
20. He accused the government of dithering over the deal. 1
21. He sat there dithering over his decision. 1
22. He seems rather dithery but in fact he works very calmly and efficiently. 1
23. He tends to get all of a dither when there are many possible choices. 1
24. He was a dreamer, dithering and peaceable: Ireland would not be saved by such as he. 1
25. He was in a dither. 1
26. I've yet to see him dithering and dawdling over anything! 1
27. If dithering and indecision are a problem for you, this is not your magazine. 1
28. If you have been dithering about buying shares, now could be the time to do it. 1
29. It also points up the dangers of dithering in a fast-paced Microsoft-dominated world. 1
30. It is proved that cubage, rigidity, resonant frequency, sensitivity, temperature expanding, biasing and biasing stability of this dithering mechanism can meet the demands of dither biasing. 2




dithers (third person present) · dithered (past tense) · dithered (past participle) · dithering (present participle)

  - be indecisive.

  - add white noise to (a digital recording) to reduce distortion of low-amplitude signals.


  - a state of agitation.


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