Ditched Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A survivor was knocked unconscious when the helicopter ditched. 1
2. Anthony, who ditched his trademark cornrows for a close-cropped cut, was held to a single bucket until sinking consecutive baskets to help the Nuggets slice it to 93-91 with 4 minutes left. 1
3. Brumfeld apparently ditched the car near Texarkana and fled into the woods. 1
4. But as the capital's residents became richer following economic development, they ditched their bikes for four-wheeled transport. 1
5. Even the Tories saw that the country would not stand for the Mad Woman's poll tax and ditched it. 1
6. Evidence seemed to harden somewhat when a Glamorgan farmer went to the aid of a ditched van one dark night. 1
7. Having ditched Belladonna, they produced an album burning with an intensity and fury rarely paralleled. 1
8. He ditched his girlfriend. 1
9. He ditched the cops by turning off his lights and driving down an alley. 1
10. Here Period V of late Roman date saw the imposition of an inhumation cemetery upon the earlier pattern of ditched enclosures. 1
11. I ditched that old hat of yours. 1
12. Investors ditched stocks that were performing badly. 1
13. Its original alignment was roughly continued towards Castor, however, by a ditched trackway flanked by various enclosure boundaries. 1
14. Many suspect that retroactive tax cuts could be ditched. 1
15. Meg and Neil were due to marry, but she ditched him. 1
16. My mum, by the way, was ditched by my father before I was born. 1
17. None of the supply routes go close to the point where Sunderby's aircraft ditched. 1
18. Rob DeGraff ditched his roomy house and 10, 000 square-foot lot for a row house with a patch of yard. 1
19. She got bored with her boyfriend and ditched him. 1
20. Sure enough, doctors ditched the other parties thrown by rival medical supply companies. 1
21. The boxer ditched his opponent. 1
22. The fortress was ditched in all around. 1
23. The getaway car had been ditched a couple of kilometres away from the scene of the robbery. 1
24. The government has ditched plans to privatise the prison. 1
25. The pattern of ditched fields is virtually unchanged from that time. 1
26. The pilot ditched the plane and climbed out on his raft. 1
27. The robber ditched the cops by driving down an alley. 1
28. The robbers ditched the getaway car. 1
29. The robbers ditched the stolen goods. 1
30. They pretend everything is hunky-dory when they have just lost their job, been ditched by their girlfriend, or smashed their Peugeot into a lamp-post. 1

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