Disused Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A 3,000 house development has been mooted for the disused airfield. 1
2. A bird has made its nest in that disused tractor. 1
3. A disused sugar plantation is now the site of thriving communal maize plots. 1
4. A disused Victorian toilet block has just gone up for sale. 1
5. A disused Victorian toilet block, with many of the original fixtures and fittings still in tact. 1
6. A reverse channel system is the precondition of reusing and recycling of disused resources and the guarantee for smooth development of circular economy. 1
7. Across the fields towards the downs is the disused Wilts and Berks Canal. 1
8. After collecting the cash, the kidnapper made his escape down the disused railway line. 1
9. Allegedly, on July 22 the man used sodium dichloroisocyanurate and sawdust to fumigate a disused air-raid shelter he planned to use for planting mushrooms. 1
10. And they have just completed a deal to buy the disused Grand Hotel on the Marine Promenade to give that a facelift. 1
11. As a matter of course they checked the rest of the disused area before leaving the palace. 1
12. As a place of sanctuary it is pretty bleak. The camp is nothing more than a bunch of decrepit and disused mud huts on the edge of a baking hot, dusty plain. 1
13. But everything is dirty, disused and uncared for. 1
14. Car blaze: Firemen attended a car fire on a disused railway line near Letch Lane, Stockton. 1
15. Considering filly the infection of water to jet and the structure characteristic of oil wells be disused in shallow sea. Design linear shaped charge cutters of answer for the fact. 1
16. For a moment he'd been near to panic as he realized that the pumps were rusty, the filling station obviously disused. 1
17. Generalized dyadic wavelet is given, and its application in signal processing is disused. 1
18. He began to read a piece about the proposed transformation of a disused mill into a luxury hotel. 1
19. He happened to take a glance at a disused bell that hung in the room. 1
20. Head west on it to Dancing Ledge - a disused cliff quarry. 1
21. Home territory is the disused runway at the Dalton Barracks in Abingdon. 1
22. How long does disused knowledge persist in memory? 1
23. However, with a lead tolerance of about 60%, when sintered, employed and disused, PZT ceramics will produce heavy metal pollution, which is harm to human health. 1
24. I parted some grass and wondered why Cawthorne had bothered to run electric and telephone cables to a disused toilet for farmhands. 1
25. I was forced to sleep rough that night in a disused warehouse. 1
26. In a disused limestone quarry we tackled one of these obstacles safely, once we had been told how to do it. 1
27. In adjacent streets, there are disused and even derelict buildings which would far better repay investment. 1
28. In Denver, an 80 - acre park opened in September on the site of another disused airport. 1
29. In the far corner was a bed and, beside this, slumped like a disused doll, lay the witch. 1
30. It is a post-medieval disused burial ground in London, England. 1

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