Disturb Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " in fact, "Demon animal disturbance " the influence is returned not merely hereat , internet knows a personage to thank article criterion to think, this is the beginning of domino effect. 1
2. " Pray keep your seat, madam, I will not disturb you. 1
3. "Beyond a certain size, China is disturbing, " says one Eurocrat. 1
4. "Her case was, you know, the stone that disturbed the water," says one of the Yemeni journalists who began writing about Nujood after she showed up alone one day in a courthouse in Sanaa. 1
5. "I'm sorry to disturb you," Webb said gently. 1
6. "In the Disturbia film the defendants purposefully employed immaterial variations or transparent rephrasing to produce essentially the same story as the Rear Window story, " the lawsuit said. 0
7. "It's very disturbing to think about the potential implications of a century-long decline of the base of the food chain," said lead author Daniel Boyce, a marine ecologist. 1
8. "People were pretty shell-shocked, " said Karen Rowe, a senior ornithologist with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. "It was very disturbing." 1
9. "Seven"is well-made in its details, and uncompromising in the way it presents the disturbing details of the crimes. 1
10. "The President cannot be disturbed," his son is supposed to have told an early morning caller. 1
11. "We have steep valleys and many types of mature trees here, as well as rough ground that humans don't disturb, " he said, after spotting a red-vented bulbul. 1
12. 3000 troops were sent to prevent the disturbances from developing into a full-scale civil war. 1
13. A 25-date tour saw the band both triumphant and emotionally disturbed. 1
14. A bark alerts their owner to a likely disturbance, enabling them to take effective action. 1
15. A consequence of the new trends, then, is exacerbation of the already disturbing backlog problem. 1
16. A continuous robust term is adopted to minify the influence of modeling error or disturbance, and it not only enhances the system's robustness but also improves the flexibility of the design process. 1
17. A dispersion relation of a conical sheet for both axisymmetrical and antisymmetrical disturbances is presented. 1
18. A disturbance in immunoregulatory control has long been suspected to play a major role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease. 1
19. A disturbance in the street distracted my attention. 1
20. A disturbing and unavoidable fact is that just about anyone can stage a shoot-'em-up in any of countless public places in the United States. 1
21. A disturbing tendency is that some adolescent work-inhibited students narrow their peer relationships to others who also do poorly in school. 1
22. A disturbing thought suddenly struck me. 1
23. A disturbing trend is that victims of violence are getting younger. 1
24. A few small boats gently disturbed the ripples where the water's edge met the beach. 1
25. A few years ago some preliminary observations linked a solar flare to a large magnetic disturbance that seemed to have spiraled up from below the sun's surface. 1
26. A frequently cited study conducted in Los Angeles yielded some interesting results concerning noise and how it disturbs sleep. 1
27. A gentle wind disturbed the surface of the water. 1
28. A home-made bomb exploded during the disturbances. 1
29. A late crow said a word as her entry through the open drive gate disturbed his first sleep. 1
30. A light wind disturbed the surface of the pond. 1

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