Dispirited Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. All this leaves Mr Bai somewhat dispirited. 1
2. As for the Federal troops, they were dispirited but not robbed of their confidence. 1
3. At last, dispirited and weary, they gave up the search. 1
4. Be busy without being disorganized, and weary without being dispirited. 1
5. Both pieces deserve much better, though their strength shines through even this dispirited sight-reading. 1
6. But manned space flight in America is now in mothballs, and in these dispirited times even the pride visitors take in the dam is mingled with wistfulness. 1
7. But the former mayor then delivered a meandering speech that left the audience dispirited. 1
8. But the Mongolian Europe - sends the market performance which wins not to be good, sells dispiritedly . 1
9. By the afternoon, however, he was dispirited. 1
10. Carrie was tired and dispirited, but now she could rest. 1
11. Defeat's worry, feels inferior, dispiritedly , is pessimistic, fears, medicinal preparation toxicant, is poisoning their soul likely, caused them to contract English dwarfism generally. 1
12. Endanger mainly: Carcinogen, it can cause and have a liking for sleeping , have a headache , dizzy , the nausea , insomnia , nerve are dispirited , such symptoms as memory fails to poison slightly. 1
13. Even more dispiritedly, the old remedies to these ills no longer inspire confidence. 1
14. For days he had drooped about the empty chicken run, too dispirited to crow. 1
15. For three days she wandered about , utterly dispirited. 1
16. Having lost the game, they all left the pitch feeling very dispirited. 1
17. He has been dispirited recently. 1
18. He looked so dispirited I took pity on him. 1
19. He paused, dispirited despite his effort to get a cheerful note into his voice. 1
20. He placed the food on the kang and left dispiritedly. 1
21. He returned to Vienna a broken and dispirited man, according to Williams. 1
22. I asked at that time several oxen, obtain the ticket price is lowest 500 (50 Yuan files, the excess budget scope, can only leave dispiritedly really. 1
23. I hate to see those who work dispiritedly. 1
24. I have lost dispiritedly, brokenhearted, but all also have what use? 1
25. I left eventually at six o'clock feeling utterly dispirited and depressed. 1
26. In an act of admirable but ultimately misguided loyalty, the national coach Andy Roxburgh stood by his dispirited keeper. 1
27. In front of her, late the gram of the an step the thunder Be some to dispiritedly look one eye that deal a combat a pummel, quite don't give up. 1
28. It was a really dispirited day. 1
29. Kirkpatrick identifies the need to change existing institutions as being vital in helping the poor, the disadvantaged and the dispirited. 1
30. Older people can quickly become dispirited and depressed by chronic illness. 1

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