Dispensable Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A garage is useful but dispensable. 1
2. All those people in the middle are dispensable. 1
3. As it happens, explicit truth claims are not entirely dispensable. 1
4. Both neither is welfare pay, not be dispensable more. 1
5. But like ants, individual mobots are dispensable. 1
6. But neither do such concepts reduce to the corresponding predicates, nor indeed are such predicates entirely dispensable. 1
7. Consider the design conflict of an ordinary dispensable razor. 1
8. Delete what is dispensable and give more prominence to the essentials. 1
9. Even dessert was dispensable, although a choice of liqueurs was on the sideboard. 1
10. Even the District Secretary was not averse to reminding his tutor-organisers that they were dispensable. 1
11. Finally, Mr. Yu has been a target known as dispensable, and that is to buy cars. 1
12. Flexible rectangular waveguide is a dispensable component for the connection between microwave equipment and feeder. 1
13. He repents having compensated the dispensable pension for fear of penalty. 1
14. He was depressed that this absolutely dispensable element of the culture of his origin had followed them to the United States. 1
15. His parents firmly do not love money for the maintenance of this dispensable, he began to abandon their studies at the time, had been watching Kanxia the "Three Kingdoms", go out and do part-time. 1
16. If you want to run the enterprise well, none of these two qualifications is dispensable. 1
17. It is impossible and dispensable to make an answer to satisfy everybody completely about What Mathematics Is. 1
18. It seemed the soldiers were regarded as dispensable - their deaths just didn't matter. 1
19. KVM often has been long regarded as dispensable standby equipment, until 1995 before beginning to receive attention, of course, the development of the middle there is a background factor. 1
20. Literature, being a form of art, unlike language, is dispensable. 1
21. Most candidates are photography fans with dispensable income. 1
22. My theory is that colds are bad this year because of the recession, which lowers our spirits and makes us feel dispensable at work. 1
23. Neither of these two approaches is dispensable. 1
24. Otherwise Miller would become a dispensable figurehead. 1
25. Part-time workers are considered dispensable in times of recession. 1
26. Part-time workers are considered dispensable. 1
27. Person, it is affection animal, dispensable? 1
28. Send an army of dispensable, limited agents coordinated on a task, and set them loose. 1
29. Since none of the four is dispensable, they are equally important. 1
30. Some conductors do not agree that their services might dispensable. 1

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