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# Sentence Times
1. A basic use of a selector is for simple dispatch, which means you can dynamically reroute the destination of a service call from one component or import to another. 1
2. A certain type of database connectivity only exists/doesn't exist on specific Dispatchers. 0
3. A Chinese trade mission has been dispatched to Japan. 1
4. A courier was dispatched to collect the documents. 1
5. A dispatch was sent to warn the troops of an oncoming assault. 1
6. A dispatcher for a small fleet of trucks, he found it hard not to get rattled when the calls piled up. 1
7. A distracted Pompey dispatches Durio, his top aide, to take care of the gold, loading his vault onto an ox- drawn wagon. 1
8. A driver for an air-freight company radioed the dispatcher and asked to have the people at one of his stops meet him at his truck. 1
9. A large contingent of troops was dispatched. 1
10. A late acceptance is nevertheless effective as an acceptance if without delay the offeror orally so informs the offeree or dispatches a notice to that effect. 1
11. A letter attesting that extra copies of abovementioned documents have been dispatched according to the Contract. 1
12. A message splitter can be used to break down an outgoing message into parts and dispatch those parts over different endpoints configured on the router. 1
13. A messenger was dispatched to take the news to the soldiers at the front. 1
14. A messenger was immediately dispatched to acquaint the Prince with what had happened. This website 1
15. A method that applies FPGA technology to realize arbitrary form of voice dispatching circuitry is presented. 1
16. A military helicopter was dispatched and the man was rescued based on the general description provided. 1
17. A new dynamic security dispatching method based on trajectory sensitivity is proposed. 1
18. A novel economic dispatching algorithm considering unit ramp rate. available transfer capability limitations of bothlines and transmission interfaces is advanced. 1
19. A problem arises with sample offers if you are not geared up for individual direct mail dispatch. 1
20. A procedure information management system for lorry deport repair is designed to trace the checking status of lorry, and dispatch and change fittings to ensure work time and work procedure. 1
21. A reporter was dispatched to Naples to cover the riot. 1
22. A space ark with a small population of refuges might be dispatched to find shelter on a moon of one of the system's gas giant outer planets. 1
23. A superb Glyn Hodges goal was enough to dispatch the competition favourites. 1
24. A traffic control center has functions of transport control, automatic solution to conflicts, automatic dispatch, and information service. 1
25. A vet dispatched the injured cow. 1
26. A vet dispatched the injured horse. 1
27. According to the live operation and exist problem of the JD—11.4 type dispatching hoist,(This website/JD.html) this paper raises the technological transform for the brake_handle by the live use and experiment. 1
28. Across the country, the Memory Loss Initiative dispatches specially trained technicians and recording equipment, free - of - charge. 1
29. Advantages of this solution are homogeneity (the mediations and the throttler and dispatcher both run in the same environment. 1
30. After mass he has a cantata sung, during which he sometimes dispatches very urgent business. 1

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