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# Sentence Times
1. A further dismal feature of the evening is Hall's penchant for the unsurprising surprise. 1
2. A look of disbelief came into his eyes, but was quickly replaced by one of dismal surrender. 1
3. After a moment he rose slowly, poured himself a whisky, returned to the Chesterfield and took a dismal sip. 1
4. After one particularly dismal project failure, I did an extensive research effort on trends in software project management I felt that a Scrum Master class would help me greatly. 1
5. After two dismal years, operating results in 1976 improved significantly. 1
6. And he was going to give a rocket to Show-Off, whose performance on the publicity front had been absolutely dismal. 1
7. As for the library, the surviving books without a proper building to house them must have made a dismal appearance. 1
8. As Julia Bucknall, the World Bank's water supremo, points out, demand and supply are economic concepts, which the matchmakers of the dismal science are constantly trying to bring into balance. 1
9. As usual, some stocks were hit hard because they delivered dismal news. 1
10. Aside from the dismal academic record of ability grouping, it has a divisive social consequence as well. 1
11. Average shop-floor wages of 10,000-15,000 roubles a month are low, even by Yekaterinburg's dismal standards. 1
12. But despite clues from cinematic rabies cases, such as Cujo and Old Yeller, what do we know about this dismal disease and how it spreads? 1
13. But Hester could not resolve the query , using herself in a dismal labyrinth of doubt. 1
14. But it was a dismal moment for the pastry shop that Majed Makhoul had opened two months earlier in Qlaia. 1
15. But the dismal performance in Boston will make many fans think our top players are overvalued and overpaid. 1
16. But this dismal summer, the multimillionaire Premiership player chose to holiday with the caravanning folk of North Wales. 1
17. But we could all do with a few less stuffed velvet Loch Ness monsters and dismal cafeterias that smell of incontinence. 1
18. But, for a few months, de Lattre infused his troops with the conviction that they might redress the dismal situation. 1
19. Captain Cook's third and last voyage was a dismal echo of the first two. 1
20. Christmas will be dismal without the children. 1
21. Coleraine boss Billy Sinclair must have shuddered as he watched his side's dismal performance. 1
22. Contrary to popular opinion, the non-conformist Sunday was not a dismal day full of restrictions. 1
23. Developing countries are likely to face a dismal external financing climate in 2009, according to the GDF. 1
24. Did Thomas Carlyle ever make his peace with the dismal science? 1
25. Employment trends corroborate the dismal economic picture. 1
26. Even in this dismal economy many airlines are upgrading first- and business-class cabins and service, particularly on long-haul routes. 1
27. Even the most dismal and unstable circumstances can become something to be clung to. 1
28. Even though the women of Beattyville work for a large Department of Defense contractor, their dismal workplace conditions remain virtually unregulated by the government. 1
29. Everything was dismally still. 1
30. Fei Little Beard assented dismally. 1

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