Disinclined Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use disinclined, so you can learn how to use disinclined in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word disinclined here, and see the words sound like or similar to disinclined

# Sentence Times
1. A man like Luke had no need to force his attentions on disinclined women. 1
2. Also the Brothers Maloof are disinclined to make a deal with the hated Lakers. 1
3. Although is carrying the photographic camera throughout, inside has packed the beautiful scenery, but throughout is disinclined in Lijiang to photograph actually. 1
4. At the moment she felt totally disinclined to do any such thing. 1
5. Bertha was disinclined to treat the matter lightly. 1
6. But Mr Penny is disinclined to go on concentrating on big-name monographic shows. 1
7. But she is rapidly growing demoralised by her situation and is increasingly disinclined to do very much. 1
8. China disinclined to consider drastic steps that the US might suggest. 1
9. He felt disinclined to argue while the calendar was there to remind him that he was down to his last twenty-five days. 1
10. He gave me a disinclined assistance. 1
11. He had a disinclined smile on his face. 1
12. He had been talking all morning; he was disinclined for further argument. 1
13. He is disinclined to be photographed. 1
14. He thought there was trouble ahead, but he was disinclined to do anything about it before he had to. 1
15. He was clever, but disinclined to distinguish himself in study, athletic but lazy, honest but argumentative. 1
16. He was disinclined for conversation. 1
17. He was disinclined to go. 1
18. He was disinclined to talk about himself, especially to his students. 1
19. He was strongly disinclined to believe anything that she said. 1
20. He was yoked to an disinclined partner. 1
21. Her background disinclined her from resistance. 1
22. Her bad health disinclined her to dance. 1
23. Her delicate constitution disinclined her from such an arduous job. 1
24. His rareness disinclined me to grant his request. 1
25. I am/feel disinclined to offer him a job if he hasn't got a degree. 1
26. I feel disinclined for an argument. 1
27. I had been talking all morning, I was disinclined for many argument. 1
28. I was disinclined to talk to Stephen about it. 1
29. Is evil to withstand evil disinclined to partial loosened the small fox of that huge pant, the beginning washed body because small fox, and that disgustingly dirty clown. 1
30. Lasker - Jones : England has always been disinclined to accept human nature. 1





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