Discriminating Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use discriminating, so you can learn how to use discriminating in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word discriminating here, and see the words sound like or similar to discriminating

# Sentence Times
1. A reduced mathematic model further validates the above hypothesis of discriminating alignment. 1
2. A test is useful for discriminating those students who have reached a higher level from those at a lower level. 1
3. After simply introducing the principle of RPR, this paper mainly discusses the key techniques of RPR, such as RPR priority scheme, fairness algorithm and topology discriminating mechanism. 1
4. After the concept of inrush current is introduced, the existing methods for discriminating inrush are discussed. 1
5. All recipes have been time and taste tested, most notably by her discriminating and diabetic husband. 1
6. Are clinicians reluctant to put older people on surgical waiting lists because they are in some way discriminating against older people? 1
7. Are inheritance practices basically inegalitarian, discriminating in particular against female members of rural households? 1
8. As film audiences get older, they will become more discriminating. 1
9. Books were a jumble and I had no notion of discriminating between them. 1
10. But the beneficial impact of such initiatives will only be felt when the punters start discriminating positively in favour of those taking a lead. 1
11. Confirmable watermark, which is obtained from discriminating watermark after an especial process with pseudo random sequence, is embedded into the wavelet coefficients of low sub-band. 1
12. Consumers have become increasingly more discriminating in regard to quality. 1
13. Council officers were yesterday accused of discriminating against the disabled. 1
14. Diagnostics is a word of Greece origin , which means discriminating, specifying. 1
15. Due caution should be exercised in discriminating between the two. 1
16. Employers in other countries not burdened with costs of discrimination will be able to undersell discriminating employers in the international market for goods. 1
17. For profit-maximizing employers will attempt to avoid the cost of discriminating employers by segregating minorities into separate companies. 1
18. For similar reasons America's bilateral merchandise trade deficit with China—$226.8 billion in 2009—is not evidence in itself that China is discriminating against American imports. 1
19. He is incapable of discriminating between a good idea and a terrible one. 1
20. He said the move increased parental choice and responded to complaints that the Government was discriminating against church schools. 1
21. He told me to say many thingsall so delicate, so discriminating. 1
22. Hence part of the project will be concerned to develop methods for discriminating between models in such situations. 1
23. Here, it is leveraged to build a discriminating logical expression. 1
24. How can we make our use of praise discriminating and therefore meaningful, rather than profligate or ritualized? 1
25. However, the November 1985 review saw a return to a policy of discriminating against child benefit. 1
26. In this paper, several key circuits, such as frequency discriminating circuit, comparator circuit, trigger circuit, controllable commutation circuit. 1
27. In this paper, we proposed a new feature selection method called Conditional Mutual Information Maximin (CMIM). It can select a set of individually discriminating and weakly dependent features. 1
28. Is Israel discriminating between civilians and combatants? Are its actions proportionate to the military gain? 1
29. It also defies basic standards of fairness by discriminating against large numbers of minority students. 1
30. It had to carry conviction with a better educated, more discriminating public. 1

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