Disconsolate Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " I suppose you have to have some friends before you can get in,'she added, disconsolately. 1
2. A dilapidated house stands disconsolately amid the rubbles. 1
3. A few disconsolate men sat with their hats in their hands. 1
4. At the dress rehearsal she was disconsolate. 1
5. But many times too much waiting will be changed into disconsolateness because the world will be crowded as the warbler flies away and the grass gets too long. 1
6. Cannot wield is disconsolate, unceasing is temporarily the emotions. 1
7. Did the pilgrims to Compostela who sang this refrain know what they were singing as they passed through the disconsolate lands? 1
8. Fan Po - wen walked disconsolately on through the park, looking as if he had lost something. 1
9. Finally, he brings back it disconsolately pet shop, the requirement withdraws fund. 1
10. Geronimo, on horseback, looks disconsolately at the camera. 1
11. He did not have much success, but tried not to get too disconsolate. 1
12. He did not have much success,(sentencedict .com) but tried not to get too disconsolate. 1
13. He felt disconsolate, grim, weary. 1
14. He looked so disconsolate that It'scared her. 1
15. He saw the maintenance crew posed disconsolately on a hill. 1
16. He walked off disconsolate: he knew he had played well enough to win and had not. 0
17. He wandered disconsolately around the town in the pouring rain. 1
18. He was disconsolate after his bicycle was stolen. 1
19. He was disconsolate after his divorce. 1
20. His bloke, disconsolate, questioned the judge and went off scratching his short beard. 1
21. I can stay by myself for a long time without disconsolate in the least. 1
22. I can stay to recall, only then has disconsolate. 1
23. I traipsed home disconsolately after my fruitless, final search. 1
24. I was the most dejected, disconsolate creature alive. 1
25. Its that tender feelings hand , caressed the green green grass , actually could not caress in my heart that light disconsolateness . 1
26. Mary was disconsolate because her kitten died. 1
27. Missing you is the beautiful dolorous sweet disconsolate, in the heart, but it is the warm without any words. 1
28. My thoughts strayed from that question as I looked disconsolately at the fire. 1
29. Right here waiting to recall, just at that time already disconsolate write how much like of the pain. 1
30. She is disconsolate about the death of her father. 1

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