Disappointed Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 'We are disappointed that the deal with Tengzhong could not be completed,' said John Smith, GM vice-president of corporate planning and alliances. 1
2. ""Failing your exams isn't the end of the world,'' said Kay's mother, careful not to sound disappointed. 1
3. "Ah." She looked disappointed, but gently resolved on gaining her point. 1
4. "He never disappointed me(This website/mole.html), " Miler said about the mole. "He made me happy all my life. " 1
5. "Oh, " said the disappointed little monkey. He walked into the kitchen. There his mother was baking banana bread. "Mmmm. Sure smells good, Mama. May I have a taste?" 1
6. "The university is obviously extremely, extremely unhappy and disappointed that this sort of incident should occur, " Queensland University of Technology vice-chancellor Peter Coaldrake said. 1
7. A lot of people are already disappointed and go, more people also will not stand fast. 1
8. A lot of people in Cambridge were disappointed at the choice. 1
9. A lot of the New Agers are gonna be disappointed in 2012. 1
10. A parting sniff as she left the room gave the gentleman to understand that he had disappointed her. 1
11. A rain cloud, tells the story of a heartbroken should be said of having sexual intercourse be disappointed! 0
12. Adam was disappointed by its modest size, but didn't show his feelings. 1
13. After convincing myself that the result didn't matter, I felt oddly disappointed when we lost. 1
14. All of us were disappointed by him. 1
15. All the tickets having be sold out, them go away disappointedly. 1
16. All the tickets having been sold out, they went away disappointedly. 1
17. Although over the moon with it generally, I am disappointed with the lack of power in the naturally aspirated diesel engine. 1
18. Although the victor of a battle at sea, Edward returned home a bitterly disappointed man. 1
19. Among the clouds in the water, disappointed this fish is sent. 1
20. Among them were many lovelorn maids and bachelors , and men of disappointed ambition in politics. 1
21. And caretaker boss Barrow said he was a little disappointed at not taking three points! 1
22. And so, to answer your question, that's why your mother is disappointed. 1
23. And taste like borscht. "You’re never disappointed by your imagination, but you can be very disappointed by reality, ” he says. 2
24. And this brooding was not straight forward: I was disappointed with myself. 1
25. Are those who have been disappointed in their first choice, whether from the inconstancy of its object, or the perverseness of circumstances, to be equally indifferent during the rest of their lives? 1
26. Are you disappointed at the daily mess account and currency in the dining-hall? 1
27. As a consequence, whatever the result the Dominions would be disappointed and disgruntled. 1
28. As our regular supplier has recently let us disappointed us for timely delivery of the needed goods, we are in danger of losing our market share in this area. 1
29. Asked if he was disappointed at the tardiness of the polls, one Dinka tribesman in Juba sagely replied that he was confident they would open eventually, on "African time". 1
30. At the time I was bitterly disappointed. 1

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