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# Sentence Times
1. A portion of rentals on leased cars costing in excess of £12,000 is disallowed for tax purposes. 1
2. Accordingly, saving is self-defeating, as a loss in income will disallow individuals to save over the long-run. 1
3. As is indicated above the judge must specify the sum to be disallowed or ordered. 1
4. Certain situations will now properly stop socialization and disallow asking other Sims to join. 1
5. China's Internet will continue to be policed and controlled, information filtered, sites prohibited, noncompliant search engines excluded, and sensitive search words disallowed. 1
6. Coventry had a goal disallowed for offside. 1
7. Despite the obvious advantages of a unified perspective for collective political action, the differences among women disallow such a perspective. 1
8. England scored again, but the whistle had gone and the goal was disallowed. 1
9. England scored again(This website/gone.html), but the whistle had gone and the goal was disallowed. 1
10. Explicitly disallow use of implicitly generated member functions you do not want. 1
11. Hall threw in the third crate for a Quinn goal that was disallowed. 1
12. Have no special circumstance at school 7:30 - 16:30 disallow to open the cellular phone. 1
13. Her claim was disallowed on the ground that she had not paid her premium. 1
14. Home striker Paul Crimmen let them off the hook on a number of occasions and Horsham had two goals disallowed. 1
15. I believe oneself, I am obstinate disallow me to stay back! This website 1
16. I believe that God is something disallow. 1
17. I have discovered that when the XP is a common noun or an adjective, it disallows a quantifier occurring before a head noun of a DE construction. 1
18. If it were U. S. policy to disallow any retiring officer his pension while working for a defense contractor we would see the end of this patently false bits of trash published as news by the pentagon! 1
19. If the registration officer disallows your application he will let you know. 1
20. Ignore to meet and when what circumstance, I definitely disallow oneself to have disappointed a little. 1
21. In the tax computation this amount is added back as a disallowed expense and hence the company obtains no tax relief. 1
22. It cost £639, expenditure which the district auditor disallowed. 1
23. Judge Nisen disallowed certain evidence containing confidential information. 1
24. Keep your nerve, and stick to the Laws: disallow the goal and caution the striker for unsporting behaviour for removing his shirt. 1
25. Life, by its very nature, disallow this. 1
26. Machester United had a goal disallowed for being offside. 1
27. Never hit a kid and disallow his ability to cry. 1
28. Nothing in sub-paragraph (b) above shall prevent the aeronautical authority of either Contracting Party from unilaterally disallowing any tariff filed by one of their own designated airlines. 1
29. Option passed to a control to allow or disallow horizontal expansion. 1
30. Option passed to a control to allow or disallow vertical expansion. 1

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