Dilemma Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "China faces a dilemma in its holding of the US T-bonds," said Dong Yuping, an economist with the Institute of Finance and Banking at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). 1
2. "Homomorphic encryption gives you a way out of the dilemma," Gentry says. 1
3. "The Omnivore's Dilemma" also points out the ways in which America's food system should be reformed. 0
4. A British historian, Herbert Butterfield, called this the “absolute predicament and irreducible dilemma”. 0
5. A clear understanding of this dilemma does not demoralize the masses. 1
6. A fundamental shift in the emerging essence of the fishnet organization is the recasting of problems as dilemmas. 1
7. A lengthy illness would pose a leadership dilemma for North Korea, which has never acknowledged an incapacitating health crisis involving Mr. 1
8. A number of the dilemmas discussed above have raised the level of frustration of the scientists. 1
9. A particular thorny dilemma arises should the caring situation present demands beyond the level of endurance. 1
10. A prime dilemma for all working women is that of overload, and how to deal with it. 1
11. A sizable menu presents the diner with many formidable dilemmas. 1
12. A Solomonic dilemma indeed! Which may be why green investors are neatly divided over the ethics of this question. 1
13. A solution to this dilemma is not on the horizon since it is in reality a matter of individual sensitivity. 1
14. Afore - mentioned viewpoints to his argument, reasonable, make qualitative job be in a dilemma chooses the organization. 1
15. All contributors were faced with a dilemma of challenging the Channel on its poor practice, while having the opportunity to showcase sexology. 1
16. All things conspired towards the present dilemma. 1
17. An argument with a colleague clarified and resolved the dilemma. 1
18. Ancient literature uses fictional characters to illustrate moral dilemmas. 1
19. And in the mists of a Roman night, the dilemma also remains. On the one hand, Bellarmine , bureaucrat, defender of the Church, believed the Bible was the literal word of God. 1
20. And that is going to confront the world with a painful moral dilemma. 1
21. And the protagonists sounded fairly confident in their attempts to resolve the dilemma. 1
22. Animators now face a dilemma of technology overkill. 1
23. Another unforeseen dilemma which now surfaced was how to satisfy the demands of the new customers for winter-weight, or seasonal clothes. 1
24. Any peahens reading this might begin to recognize their dilemma. 1
25. Anyone who has ever waited in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles will sympathize with this dilemma. 1
26. As the fighting began, women found themselves in a dilemma. 1
27. At its worst, this might sound like a circular method of analysis, setting up a prototypical chicken-and-egg dilemma. 1
28. At our bakery, when we set up the loaves for baking the next day a similar dilemma confronts us. 1
29. At present, with the open price of coal market, the sharp increase of coal price make the firepower generation factories in dilemma. 1
30. At present, with the trend of enlargement of admission, mergence of colleges and building comprehensive university, engineering education is facing a dilemma, like many other traditional disciplines. 1

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