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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use digs, so you can learn how to use digs in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word digs here, and see the words sound like or similar to digs

# Sentence Times
1. "They play classic rock'n"roll,' states her boyfriend, "My dad digs them too.". 1
2. A complimentary shuttle bus drops skiers off at their digs. 1
3. A multiple dig, showing the sequence of digs along the burrow. 1
4. A new Danish expedition is again excavating the site in annual summer digs. 1
5. A power struggle develops, as the toddler digs in his heels even further the more his father takes over. 1
6. A soldier digs a drain as children attend class under the shelter of a temporary tent in Pengzhou, May 25, 2008. 1
7. After he sees a person digs one hole, another person hole fill and level up. 1
8. Any more of her little digs at me and her sickening smiles of lust at Luke and I shall vomit. 1
9. Based on her book-phrase in QQ signature, he digs out nowhere she wanted broke up?It is clearly now she used the skills of retreating in order to advance. 1
10. Based on the analysis of characteristic of radar signal, this algorithm adequately digs out the information redundancy in radar images and applies predictive coding on them. 1
11. Both were found in digs at a modern-day campsite. 1
12. By sailing the board at an angle the leeward rail digs in providing more sideways resistance. 1
13. Carlyle Group digs deeper to win ground - breaking deal for Xugong. 1
14. Chapter 4 digs into the pragmatic fuzziness in legal language. 1
15. Columbian emeralds have been found in archeological digs dating back to pre-Columbian times, from the 1200's, as artifacts such as crystals set in gold. 1
16. Despite my apprehension, Daphne turned out to be a wonderful companion to share digs with. 1
17. Despite the warnings of the media and of my several friends, I made my way from my Downtown Manhattan digs crosstown to Chinatown for my first Fung Wah experience. 1
18. Each female digs a shallow pit in the sand, where she lays tens of thousands of tiny, blue-green eggs, usually in clusters of a few thousand. 1
19. Finally, the thesis digs into how to enhance cash usage efficiency, and suggests the Company to try the cash management model called"Clearance Center Model". 1
20. Had Becky got there before him, he wondered, even if she were only living in digs? 1
21. He and his wife usually stayed only in digs selected from the Actors' Church Union recommended list. 1
22. He kept making sly little digs at me. 1
23. He tried to get in a few digs at you but I quietened him. 1
24. He went to London and lived in digs in Gloucester Road. 1
25. He's 42 and still living in digs . 1
26. He's always having/taking/making digs at me. 1
27. He's nearly forty-two, you know, and still living in digs! 0
28. Heidi, the cross-eyed opossum who became an Internet sensation in December, moved into new digs at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany. 1
29. His lobster-red elbow digs into my arm as he stands to adjust the nozzle. 1 barely survive the flight. 1
30. His performance digs deeper than mere mimicry, burrowing into his character's wounded soul. 1




  - living quarters.


  - break up and move earth with a tool or machine, or with hands, paws, snout, etc..

  - push or poke something in or into.


  - an act or spell of digging.

  - a push or poke with one's elbow, finger, etc..


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