Digitizer Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. According to its exponential wave responses, the impulse measurement errors of a digitizer can be calculated. 1
2. China National digital earthquake observation networks was established with Geodevice digitizer in 2000. 1
3. Describes the troubleshooting measures for the mechanical failures, image artifact and ID of the digitizer. 1
4. Designed for digital content creators and users, the mobile workstation's digitizer helps them easily configure an image, either mapping it to the entire screen or to an area defined by the user. 1
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6. For purpose of debugging convenience, a command test program of the LXI digitizer is developed. 1
7. Here we see three ribbon cables that route to various functions, including the digitizer, OLED screen, and home button. Image used by permission, courtesy of Rapid Repair. 1
8. In high-speed wide-band- digitizer at high sweep speed, only a few samples screen. 1
9. In practice, the interleaving technique os usually be used in Order to realize the ultrahigh-speed waveform digitizer with existing low-speed A/D converters. 1
10. Its hardware is composed of a film scanner(or a laser digitizer), a PC computer and a hardcopy unit, which are common in most of the radiation oncology departments. 0
11. One of the main embodiment is the application of simulation technology and digitizer control technology in Nuclear Power Plant. 1
12. Subdivision is one of the discrete modeling methods that can achieve data from the devices such as digitizer. 1
13. The components managed by the Compressor and Image Decompressor, the MovieCintroller, the Sequence Grabber, Sequence Grabber Channel and the Video digitizer. 1
14. The detailed analyses for digitization errors from the processing of digitizing strong motion accelerograms using digitizer and scanner and their elimination method and software are made. 1
15. The electronic hardware associated with the digitizer can determine the position of the pointer on the table whenever a button is pressed. 1
16. The possibility of using transient waveform digitizer in TOF measurement is discussed, and a test system designed for the research is introduced. 1
17. The process flow of the fliht track orientation is simplified in this paper The plane coordinate of the orientation points can be directly obtained from a morphographic map on a digitizer. 1
18. The real time true color video signal is often processed with digitizer in supervisory control, desktop video and all sorts of microcomputer image processing system. 1
19. This paper describes the basic principles of the image digitizer and its development course. 1
20. This Solution includes a high performance cutter for leather, single and multi-ply fabrics, a digitizer and a Software Suite. 1
21. This system consists of a B-mode ultrasonic equipment, a high-speed digitizer, a mechanical compression device and a pulse receiver. 1
22. We produced the new type of digitizer(EDAS-24GN) and broadband borehole seismometer in 2010. 0
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