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1. Based on the six aspects of selecting a kind of didactics, and according to the characteristic of the modern theory of education, the discussion didactics has great usability in teachers' training. 2
2. Comenius is a milestone personality in the history of education. It was he who wrote the very first systematic theoretical work Magna didactics , which was pedagogically specialized. 1
3. Didactics deduced from Dream in the Red Mansion sharply reflects the author's positive and negative didactical concept and modern consciousness of advocating democracy and equality on didactics. 1
4. In particular, the effective communicative teaching has been one of the most advanced and interacted theoretical issues in the modern curriculum and didactics. 1
5. In the view of didactics , the activity theory has its own uniquedeveloping history. 1
6. It is thought of as a joint working area for elementary schools in Iceland and the university to construct and reflect knowledge about literature and literature didactics . 1
7. Science didactics in primary schools in one of these subjects. 1
8. Scientifically adapted didactics in the practice of teaching activities can produce satisfactory results.This website 1
9. The author argues, from the prospective of history didactics, that in order to make sense of the world, especially of today's world, textbooks and curricula must embrace world history. 1
10. The defects of research paradigm of chemistry didactics exist, and the reasons are various. 1
11. The key feature of discussion didactics is the discussion between students guided by teacher. 1
12. The modern didactics is a brand new form of didactics, with comprehensiveness, openness, systematicness, and integratedness as its characteristic features. 2
13. The necessity of adding explaining lecture to didactics of mathematics is discussed. The paper points out the principle and concrete way of adding explaining lecture. 1
14. The real 3/4 didactic system to work with the famous platform didactics , progressions, style and hip hop flavour. 1
15. The result shows that the different habitus grouping didactics for basketball teaching in college is a good teaching method. It can improve the achievement for all students. 1
16. Then, the training objectives and students' knowledge structure of didactics on college physics. 1
17. This article discusses the modern didactics of polyphonic classes for composition major in conservatories and analysis specific Chinese educational matters. 1
18. This article reviews applications of heuristic didactics to pharmacology teaching. 1
19. This article reviews the applications of heuristic didactics to pharmacology teaching. 1
20. With the development of modern didactics, teaching strategy is increasingly attracting people's attention. " 1



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