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1. "The Greece case will sensitize U.S. authorities to the benefits," allowing both sides to develop expertise in dealing with the regulatory process as it pertains to diaspora financing. 1
2. A major characteristic of life in diaspora is rootless. 1
3. After diaspora , Jew begins to move to the Occident cosmically. 1
4. As a literary collection of the diaspora community, the book of Esther has always been questioned theologically . It isn't even included in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 1
5. But the celebrations in the diaspora and in the Yishuv have very often had a different spirit behind them. 1
6. Consumers may decide that it is unwise to entrust all their secrets to a single online firm such as Facebook, and decamp to less insular alternatives, such as diaspora. 1
7. Ethnicity runs deep in this country and across the oceans of our diaspora. 1
8. He was welcomed in boardrooms and presidential palaces everywhere as the spokesman of worldwide diaspora Jewry. 1
9. I think the fundamental point about remittances managed through a diaspora bond will essentially be the people-to-people connection. 1
10. In addition to China's population, there is a widespread Chinese diaspora. 1
11. In Israel or the diaspora, hardly any Jew considers himself of Arab culture. 1
12. In the history of Jewish diaspora in China, Kaifeng Jews were rather spectacular. 1
13. In the past diaspora bonds have been used by Israel and India to raise over $35 billion in development financing. 1
14. It does not have much of a diaspora, since native - born Americans seldom emigrate permanently. 1
15. It is impossible to have even approximate figures for the diaspora. 1
16. Most diaspora Jews still support Israel strongly. 1
17. People from every country of the diaspora now live in Israel. 1
18. Several countries—including Ethiopia, Nepal, the Philippines, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka—are considering (or have issued) diaspora bonds recently to bridge financing gaps. 1
19. Special living method, living experience and diaspora experience are of great significance to culture formation. 1
20. The city's tight-knit diasporas trade throughout China. 1
21. The Indian diaspora is a generic term to describe the people who migrated from territories that are currently within the borders of the Republic of India. 1
22. The Katyn affair remained dormant throughout much of the postwar period, although never far below the surface in the "friendly" People's Republic of Poland and in the Polish diaspora. 1
23. The Muslim diaspora and Muslim missionaries are bringing the faith to previously untouched areas. 1
24. The origins of the Bajau diaspora are recounted in the legend of a princess from Johor, Malaysia, who was washed away in a flash flood. 1
25. The website became popular in Vietnam and attracted the attention of anti - communist Vietnamese diaspora. 1
26. There is a large Lebanese diaspora in Canada which must include some Hizbollah supporters. 1
27. This is a visit to Brazil is the Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met yesterday in the Palestinian diaspora and the local Arab ambassador to Brazil, said this position. 1
28. Unlike high-net-worth investors who tend to be more cold-blooded about where they put their money, typical diaspora members might invest with their hearts or not at all. 1
29. WT 5 BZ : The Jewish diaspora in modern China started in the second half of the 19 th century. 1

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