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# Sentence Times
31. But he is angriest at and reserves his strongest denunciation for the intelligentsia, whom he accuses of sycophantic devotion to Yeltsin. 1
32. But if a speaker doesn't project pizzazz and show devotion to her topic, the speech may still fall flat on its well-prepared face. 1
33. But is their increasingly fervent devotion enough to thwart the spread of a sparer and more businesslike style of punctuation, from which apostrophes will be omitted? 1
34. But it was the Fourth Dynasty Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) who placed Giza forever at the heart of funerary devotion, a city of the dead that dwarfed the cities of the living nearby. 1
35. But its smooth running depended very much upon their personal skill and devotion. 1
36. But let us not forget that he gave his life in an act of selfless devotion to the race. 1
37. But that maneuver would permit the Democrats to demonstrate their devotion to school children. 1
38. Can the beyond part of individual devotion to public charity be deducted next time? 1
39. Charity is a kind of actions of devotion initiated by social organization or personnel unrewarded when disaster happen to people. 1
40. Chauvinism: Militant devotion to and glorification of one's country; fanatical patriotism. 1
41. Choral music in the modern sense came into being in the fifteenth century, it was an era of fervent devotion: to the Blessed Virgin, the Mass and the Magnificat. 0
42. Communism is the birth of right person, it is the devotional practice of human eternity. 1
43. Confucianism recommends a devotion to your occupation. The wealth earned from working is also seen in a positive light within Confucianism. 1
44. Could he treat Esther so cruelly after her many years of devotion and loyalty? 1
45. Despite his constant protes-tations of devotion and love, her doubts persisted. 1
46. During his ministry he introduced many innovations which renewed devotion arid inspired the people to the performance of good works. 1
47. Effective administration needs people, managers, unswerving devotion and discipline; building from scratch needs capital and carefully calculated investment. 1
48. Eleanor Roosevelt is remembered for her devotion to the cause of women's rights. 1
49. Eleanor's devotion to her husband amounted almost to veneration. 1
50. Enterprise Spirit : United , devotional, and loving XX as our won families. 1
51. Escalante should be admired for his devotion to improving education. 1
52. Eucharistic devotion and New Traditions of Affective Piety. 1
53. Everyone paints devotion like an artist painted all his portraits of women, after the appearance of the women he loved. 1
54. Fleury saw an expression of tender devotion come over his father's face. 1
55. Florence was a frequent visitor ... and had many of her ideas adopted in Parliament through the devotion of her brother-in-law. 1
56. Following the Martial Way is like scaling a cliff -continue upwards without rest. It demands absolute and unfaltering devotion to the task at hand. 1
57. For he supports Tottenham Hotspur with joyful and unswerving devotion. 1
58. For this reason, as well as to show appreciation for the supreme supplier of all food, members of Hare Krishna movement prepare delicious vegetarian meals as devotional offerings to Krishna, God. 1
59. From these letters to an aunt we can gather something of his habits of devotion. 1
60. Furthermore inside his organization his prescience produced bonds of intense devotion and trust. 1





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