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1. A conventional story would have set up Roark's "selfless devotion to his art" against Keating's "grasping, selfish careerism." Rand reverses this expectation. 1
2. A devotional prayer at morning, noon, and night to commemorate the annunciation. 1
3. A discovery of Anglo-Catholicism and its devotional power, originally through its fanatical critics, and then fostered by wise friends. 1
4. A legendary figure who, out of devotion, pledged his life as a guarantee that his condemned friend Pythias would return to face execution. Both were subsequently pardoned. 1
5. A red devotional oil lamp burned on the table below. 1
6. A well-loved monument to the devotion of a little terrier who kept vigil on his master's grave for many years. 1
7. Alanna has always shown intense devotion to her children. 1
8. All of them continue to enhance the role of the church musician by their devotion and perseverance. 1
9. Although her quest was not one of religious devotion her destination was the Church of Santa Maria. 1
10. Always an example of devotion to duty, and as unflinching as a hero in a book. 1
11. An austere man of unquestioned moral rectitude, Nava inspired deep devotion in those who worked for him. 1
12. An important element in Chasidic tradition is its devotion to Yiddish, even in prayer, which is usually in Hebrew. 1
13. Analytic result by system dynamics model enunciation: The development of our country's predominance industry current still main by labor and funds devotion. 1
14. And among them, devotion and gregariousness is the core and the highest standard of his professional ethics. 1
15. And do you mean to insinuate that there is not a sort of devotion in that? 1
16. And it's that devotion that's just won him the title of Britains most romantic top tycoon. 1
17. Andrewes prayed with dust on his head, a rope Around his neck: in great calamity we exercise Great devotion. 1
18. As a devotional photographer a very tough man in terms of the handicraft of photo making. 1
19. As a result, the method can be used to analyze the devotion and output with multi-input and single output, and can get a reasonable estimate result by transformed sample set using DEA model. 1
20. As a serviceman he was reliable, displaying grit, fearlessness, and devotion to duty, as well as being cheerful and optimistic. 1
21. As a soldier, he showed selfless devotion to duty. 1
22. As devotion unites lovers , so perfidy estranges friends. 1
23. As their egos and hunger for devotion grew, they made it compulsory. 1
24. As time passed, the entrenchment of those in power, as well as their fierce devotion to their internal competition, began to have trickle-down effects on the Big Eight's top tiers. 1
25. At first she was flattered by his devotion. 1
26. At Kemmendine, there were two experienced missionaries, men of outstanding ability, character and devotion. 1
27. At the heart of each is an ancient tradition of devotion to a statue of the Black Virgin. 1
28. Bhakti Yoga is the way of emotion and devotion and love and correspondence with the mystic way. 1
29. Bible Reading Campaign time should be in addition to personal devotional time. 1
30. But any investigation into his biography seems infinitely more satisfying by reason of his virtue, his courage and his devotion to duty. 1

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