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# Sentence Times
1. A devout Catholic, he has said this will be his last season while he devotes himself to his family. 1
2. Basir Beria, who lives in Los Angeles, USA. He devotes his free time to teaching others how to fly a kite. 1
3. Brigitte, 58, who devotes her life to animal welfare, said she felt 17 again. 1
4. Centuryfair devotes itself to the and production of smart card system equipments. 1
5. Comrade Hua Gang , a geat Marxist theorist, devotes all his life to the Party's Cause. 1
6. Even when it is in session it devotes relatively little energy to the serious scrutiny and debate of government policy. 1
7. He devotes four chapters to the reprehension of their divisions, which did not really amount to anything constituting formal schism or heresy. 1
8. He devotes several paragraphs to a hatchet job. 1
9. Indeed, there is a whole discipline, cultural anthropology, that devotes itself to the study of human cultural differences. 1
10. It devotes to research products in biological medicine, health care, and beautification. 1
11. Life Confucianism devotes itself to the rebuilding of Confucian metaphysics. 1
12. Naturally, Murphy devotes considerable attention to the interventionist program of Herbert Hoover, the president whom most Americans, if they have heard of him at all, associate with laissez-faire. 1
13. One of the travel guidebook companies, Lonely Planet, has taken up responsible tourism as a cause and devotes a section of their website to instructing their readers on what they can do. 1
14. PenGo devotes to promote the 4E management theory, It's our religious faith and zealous enterprise. 1
15. She devotes all her spare time to gardening. 1
16. The author devotes the first three chapters to the subject. 1
17. The company devotes in builds one conveniently for the mining industry profession, the fast trade channel, promotes the mining industry enterprise's positive development. 1
18. The company devotes itself to the marketing and promotion of specialized ceramics such as aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, and titanium oxide. 1
19. The company devotes to the newest product research development and the application. 1
20. The company has one batch to be engaged in the anti-radar work many year professionals, devotes the anti-radar product research and development, the production, sells a body's service. 1
21. The earlier humanitarian Ahab no longer concerns himself with humanity but devotes himself to his own egocentric desires. 1
22. The government devotes a disproportionate share of the budget to military expenditure. 1
23. The KMC Research and Development Department devotes itself to color longevity and continual design improvements. 1
24. The newspaper devotes two pages to comics. 1
25. The paper devotes more attention to establishing basic ideologies than to the problems of how they relate to specific strategies. 1
26. The Shandong Lianchuang chemical limited company is the domestic main sodium metasilicate manufacturer, year to year devotes to the sodium metasilicate research and development production. 1
27. The spoliation of evidence devotes in the solution many questions as a result of majority of evidence owned by one party. 1
28. There is the self-denial of the musician who devotes all her time and energy to mastering her musical instrument. 1
29. This article devotes itself to establishment of mathematical model and combination of derivative of shape function of such element type. 1
30. This company located at the Tangshan Fengna area rice town, the specialty devotes to each kind of padauk teak furniture processing work, the padauk teak finishing tool is complete. 1

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