Determined Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. The copper content was determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry ( AAS ) and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry ( ICP ... 1
2. " Don't shove me,'said one of the strikers, determinedly. " I'm not doing anything. ". 1
3. " If you're determined as all that, you're sure to succeed,'said Chueh - min soothingly. 1
4. "Action", in the sense of a judicial proceeding, includes recoupment, counterclaim, set-off, suit in equity, and any other proceeding in which rights are determined. 1
5. "As good as being on our own island, " George said. They waded ankle-deep in dead leaves from the sycamore (a chronic nuisance); determined, now, to like everything. 1
6. "Darren's so honest that where an old stager might just have said (to Fabregas): 'Go and score, ' he still was determined enough to try and do his job, " said the manager. 1
7. "Dawes Plan"was determined by American government and carried out by the delegates of private and folk. While"Marshall Plan"was determined as well as carried out by American government. 2
8. "DECOLOR" To promote healthy sexual practices of science, people all determined to DECOLOR Of all mankind health, safety, and happy sex life and make unremitting efforts. 1
9. "HIBOR" means, in relation to any period and any sum, the rate per annum determined by the Agent to be. 1
10. "It's a great kind of springboard," said Reid, who is planning a visit and is determined to learn the haka, the fierce Maori dance used to unsettle opponents before matches. 1
11. A : How is sales price determined? 1
12. A basic interpreter has been implemented and is now used to evaluate cold paths, determined at compilation time using simple heuristics. 1
13. A best radius of the equivalent circular unit cell is determined. 1
14. A byproduct in the methylating reaction was separated, purified and determined to be of the dimethylated product for the first time. 1
15. A cooling curve is plotted and the freezing point determined. 1
16. A country might storm out of the euro—which the treaty forbids, but who could stop a determined government? 1
17. A date for the meeting has yet to be determined. 1
18. A determined burglar will not shirk from breaking a window to gain entry. 1
19. A determined glint appeared in her eye. 1
20. A determined glint appeared in her eye. This website 1
21. A determined, skilful young actor can get an Equity card and a first job. 1
22. A diesel fuel cetane number improver, which constituent is a naphthenic nitrate, is developed, and physicochemical properties of this im-prover is determined. 1
23. A few days later Baida was transferred back to the jail in Baquba after doctors determined that she had no psychological disorder. 1
24. A figure determined by the closing range that is used to calculate gains and losses in futures market accounts, performance bond calls and invoice prices for deliveries. 1
25. A firm's monopoly power is determined by the firm's elasticity of demand. 1
26. A floating rate is determined in the foreign exchange, or Forex, market by supply and demand. 1
27. A game, usually played for money or stakes, in which the winner is determined by a chance event, as by drawing numbers or throwing dice. 1
28. A grand debate at the general assembly of the HOUYHNHNMS, and how it was determined. 1
29. A Hollywood producer was determined to give his mother a birthday gift. 1
30. A host or service is determined to have started flapping when its percent state change first exceeds a high flapping threshold. 1

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