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1. " As for detained American human rights activist Harry Wu Hongda, Qian said the case had "no links to Sino-U.S. ties. 1
2. " He's been detained on business, " muttered Tang Yun - shan in reply , lighting a cigarette. 1
3. "A lot of them are scared to go" to Iraqi prisons, says Sgt 1st Class Penny Barber, a US military detainee specialist working in Diyala. 1
4. "Even if we have not been allowed to go in during the last two years, we still were allowed to help families of those detainees to visit them on a regular basis, " said Izard. 1
5. "It is first and foremost intended to provide or to cater for detainees held in prisons or in other detention facilities that have also been hit by the Cyclone Nargis," said Marcel Izard. 1
6. A day later, Lin was detained by officials. 1
7. A further 57 people were detained bringing the number interviewed to more than 1,000 since Operation Bumblebee began in January. 1
8. A La Mesa teen-ager was temporarily detained in connection with the incident, but no charges were filed. 1
9. A number of detainees have accused female interrogators of violating Muslim sexual taboos by touching them provocatively. 1
10. A number of prisoners detained in connection with alleged drug trafficking had been held without trial since 1991. 1
11. A party detained without any warrant must sue out his habeas corpus at common law. 1
12. A person can be detained in hospital for treatment on health grounds under section three of the Mental Health Act. 1
13. A secret government document, dated December10, 2002, detailing "SERE Interrogation Standard Operating Procedure, "outlines the advantages of stripping detainees. 1
14. A statement from Israel's military said those detained were leaders of an ongoing effort to restore the administrative branch of Hamas, which Israel considers a terrorist organization. 1
15. A suspect has been detained by the police for further questioning. 1
16. About 56,000 people died in Buchenwald, used to detain Jews, Soviet prisoners of war, Jehovah's Witnesses, political prisoners, homosexuals and many others. 1
17. According to a recent report, many detainees claim that police have mistreated them. 1
18. According to local folklore the contractor, who went bankrupt, was the first inmate detained for non payment of debts. 1
19. After a preliminary hearing at a Lewes court the detained men were released on bail. 1
20. After her husband's life sentence, Mrs Sisulu, 68, was detained without charge twice. 1
21. After the raid the walls were smeared with blood, and about 35 people were being detained in hospital. 1
22. After the shoe hurling incident al - Zeidi has been detained in Iraq. 1
23. All are detained in Darlington Memorial Hospital. 1
24. All opponents or suspected opponents of the military government are being detained. 1
25. Allow me to detain you for a moment. 1
26. Almost two hundred suspects were detained in Britain last year under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. 1
27. Amnesty International opposes the detention without trial of all political detainees, including administrative detention. 1
28. Amnesty International performs a similar function with respect to the treatment of political detainees and the international prohibition of torture. 1
29. Among techniques used to disorientate prisoners were "frequent flyer" programmes, whereby detainees would be moved from their cell every hour, night and day. 1
30. Amos Masondo, detained without trial from August 1986 to February 1989. 1

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