Despondent Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use despondent, so you can learn how to use despondent in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word despondent here, and see the words sound like or similar to despondent

# Sentence Times
1. "It's hopeless, " he said, shaking his head despondently. 1
2. Adrift in a clueless no-man's-land, I felt my moods range from querulous to despondent. I couldn't muster the concentration to deal with the problem. 1
3. Baby's disposition or the behavior may have the change, if the fall in the blues, is despondent and is restless, some are agitated testiness . 1
4. But as the separation from her husband lengthened, she found herself becoming increasingly despondent. 1
5. By comparison, she felt drained and despondent. 1
6. Diana took the criticism to heart, avidly read what was being said about her and became depressed and despondent. 1
7. Don't become despondent just because it seems that your employer is keen to drive a hard bargain. 1
8. From a distance of two weeks, the initial reaction to defeat also seems unnecessarily despondent. 1
9. Gill had been out of work for a year and was getting very despondent. 1
10. He became/grew increasingly despondent when she failed to return his phone calls. 1
11. He feels despondent and impotent . He intends to quit. 1
12. He had become rather despondent about his lack of progress. 1
13. He has no one to play ball with and tosses his ball against the wall in a most despondent fashion. 1
14. He shook his head despondently. 1
15. He was becoming increasingly despondent about the way things were going. 1
16. He was up for a time and then, without warning, despondent again. 1
17. His despondent reverie was suddenly interrupted by someone calling his name. 1
18. His work was rejected again and again, and he grew more and more despondent. 1
19. I both cried and laughed along with my principal characters, and often despondently scratched my head. 1
20. I feel despondent when my work is rejected. 1
21. In the dream, just like a soul-losing man, I had no where to pour out my love knot. After I have been wakened back, a burst of melancholy makes me more despondent. 1
22. In the end, the Bolsheviks were to march their starving, despondent, war-weary people into modernity at the point of a gun. 1
23. It had come to that, he reflected despondently. 1
24. It was Fan Po - wen , looking no more cheerful than the despondent servants. 1
25. Jo groaned and leaned both elbows on the table in a despondent atttitude. 1
26. Like a bucket of cold water the harsh realities of life drown your sunny optimism leaving you feeling despondent. 1
27. She started to feel despondent about ever finding a job. 1
28. She was becoming increasingly despondent about the way things were going. 1
29. She was bipolar as well: up and down, fidgety and despondent. 1
30. The messenger departed in search of witch hazel for his neck, leaving Blondel even more despondent than before. 1





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