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# Sentence Times
1. A certain degree of stem solidness results in damaged and desiccated eggs and impaired larval movements. 1
2. A few days later we passed the desiccated corpse of another brigand hanging on a gibbet beside the track. 1
3. Add paste, coconut milk or evaporated milk, desiccated coconut and water and bring to boil. 1
4. All the party seems to have to offer is the same desiccated old ideas. 1
5. All the tissues were fixed in 10 % neutral formalin and desiccated and embedded in paraffin. 1
6. At sextuple eight, the Yang energy declines from the top, desiccated face, grey hair. 1
7. Design: Compact , sealed and desiccated optics housing , integrated system suitability test. 1
8. Fires have been reported when sevoflurane is used in the presence of desiccated soda lime. 1
9. Gone are the wild, kaleidoscopic murals, desiccated couches and furry dancing masses that rendered the old space a rhythmic poltergeist. 1
10. Haemoglobin iron can be taken on its own or with desiccated liver. 1
11. Herman's taxidermy was inexpert, but Ma Katz was desiccated rather than rotten. 1
12. However, don't feed your feathered friends very dry bread, desiccated coconut or salty food. 1
13. I suspect that some readers will recoil from Jaynes' chilly, offhand assessment of his desiccated marriage. 1
14. I suspect that some readers will recoil from Jaynes' chilly, offhand assessment of his desiccated marriage. This website 1
15. If you are only going to take one form of supplement then desiccated liver should be your choice. 1
16. In addition, bacteria can survive in a completely desiccated state. 1
17. Looking back towards the Pan-Americana, the huge mud complex appeared ringed with peaked and desiccated mountains. 1
18. Marriage, that desiccated, pedantic, self-satisfied prude. 1
19. Mixing it with water, wind, and memory, I reconstitute the desiccated fact as a full-blown experience pulsing with life. 1
20. Over the years, as Naipaul's fame grew along with his irascibility, the marriage desiccated. 1
21. Scratched into this desiccated earth is an environmental warning. 1
22. Stir in milk, fold sifted flour, soda , desiccated coconut and chopped walnuts, mix until well combined. 1
23. The bricks were desiccated by the sun. 1
24. The British might occasionally elect a desiccated calculating machine. 1
25. The desiccated by the sun. 1
26. The ham was desiccated, the scrambled eggs congealed, and the fruit juice fermented. 1
27. The old sailor's skin desiccated from years of being out in the sun and the wind. 1
28. The old sailor's skin has desiccated from years of being out in the sun and the wind. 1
29. The shaped sculptural model should abstain from sunlight or fire, the right desiccative way for the shaped model is air desiccation. After being inside out desiccated. 1
30. They do not poach in winter, but are liable to become desiccated in summer. 1




  - having had all moisture removed; dried out.

  - lacking vitality or interest.


  - remove the moisture from (something); cause to become completely dry.


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