Deserted Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use deserted, so you can learn how to use deserted in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word deserted here, and see the words sound like or similar to deserted

# Sentence Times
1. A factory stands gutted and deserted. 1
2. A family in route to New Guinea is shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. 1
3. A few kilometres from the crowded beaches of Spain's Mediterranean coast, many once-thriving villages stand deserted and in ruins. 1
4. A lord of the court provisioned the boat, and so they survived until they landed on a deserted island. 1
5. A phone box stood beside a deserted stretch of road - a red oblong rooted in the streaming supine grass. 1
6. a solitary wayfarer in this deserted street. 1
7. Abandoned by her family and deserted by her servants, Elena Petrescu was incapable of grasping that a revolution had happened. 1
8. About five blocks arriba from the Hotelito they cross a wide, deserted avenue that might be a main street. 1
9. After serious trouble at Sham gigs, for example the one at the London School of Economics, they also deserted their followers. 1
10. After the Winona address, Midwesterners were certain that Taft had deserted to the Old Guard. 1
11. After two years of explosive circulation growth, Soviet newspapers are being deserted by their subscribers in droves. 1
12. All his friends have deserted him he all by himself now. 1
13. All my confidence/courage deserted me when I walked into the exam room. 1
14. All the fears and stresses of these last weeks deserted her on that gallop. 1
15. Although it records the real image incompletely, this insouciant shooting manner can give expression to my deserted and disorder heart. 1
16. Although it records the real image incompletely, this insouciant shooting manner can give expression_r to my deserted and disorder heart. 1
17. And all our actors have taken themselves off and deserted our little pageant, see? 1
18. And as the horror sunk in, the form of a man who won nine titles last season deserted him. 1
19. And both Rim-Suardal and Rim-Drynoch are well-nigh deserted - or so Ord says. 1
20. And now Richards and Cox were hurrying through the deserted streets, from opposite directions. 1
21. And those watching Forcibles swung their empty stares around the nearly deserted bar, then wheeled their tight formation and clumped out. 1
22. And, as he coasted towards Maple Drive through the suburb's still deserted streets, Henry thought about nice things. 1
23. Apart from clusters of soldiers, the streets were almost deserted. 1
24. As main ingredient of ShangNong Chafing Dish Mate, the head of penaeus orientalize is deserted in the production of export products. 1
25. As soon as they arrived at the nearly deserted park Celestine pulled over to the curb. 1
26. As usual at that hour, the place was deserted. 1
27. As yet the streets were almost deserted, and so he couldn't resist driving by the tenement before making for the school. 1
28. At first glance the hotel closely resembled a deserted factory, with narrow, shuttered windows and peeling stucco. 1
29. At first glance, the place seemed deserted. 1
30. At first glance, the place seemed deserted. This website 1

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