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1. After years of court-ordered desegregation , the school district will appear before the U. S. Supreme Court next Monday, arguing that it should be allowed to use the same system voluntarily . 1
2. All lasted long enough to be party to the unanimous 1954 decision in Brown v Board of Education that ordered the desegregation of American schools. 1
3. Although we have approved desegregation plans involving magnet schools of this conventional definition, the District Court found this insufficient. 1
4. As school desegregation is more fully implemented, only the most isolated suburbs will remain exempt. 1
5. Confronting a chronic achievement gap between rich and poor pupils, a growing number of American school systems are aiming for a new vision of diversity: desegregation by income. 1
6. Court orders and other government actions eventually forced desegregation of both. 1
7. Currently, a court-ordered desegregation plan mandates that no single ethnicity can constitute more than 40 percent of a school. 1
8. Despite desegregation, the old, overwhelming sense of adversity has returned. 1
9. Fluorinated polymers were applied to sand stone heritage in order to increase its compressive strength and consolidation as well as to enhance its resistance to desegregation by water. 1
10. He rejects, for example, the massive, judicially run desegregation decrees that have produced school busing and judicially imposed tax hikes. 1
11. In 1975, when a court-ordered desegregation drive began, his public-school friends started waking up at five o'clock to be bussed to new schools across town. 1
12. In response to increasing turmoil swirling around the desegregation of public schools, Armstrong was outspokenly critical of his country. 1
13. In the fifties, sixties, and seventies, issues like race and desegregation pushed the state rightward. 1
14. In the past two terms, the court has issued conservative 5-4 rulings on affirmative action, voting rights and school desegregation. 1
15. In the past two terms, the court has issued conservative 5-4 rulings on affirmative action, voting rights and school desegregation. This website 1
16. Issues like desegregation go on the back burner. 1
17. Lincoln did much work on desegregation in USA. 1
18. Mandated desegregation of public schools. 1
19. Nothing can be done about this because the Supreme Court ruled in 1974, in Milliken v Bradley, that desegregation cannot be required across school district lines, even if it is compulsory within them. 1
20. Opponents discovered that he had opposed desegregation of schools and public housing in Arizona. 1
21. Soon, the desegregation of education became front-page news again and forced the Kennedy administration to respond with force. 1
22. The chancery court issued a restraining order forbidding desegregation in September. 1
23. The federal district court, upon the request of the school board, ordered noninterference with desegregation. 1
24. The Government of South Africa is working hard on desegregation . 1
25. The military services were segregated (until President Truman issued a desegregation order in 1948), as were the schools in 17 states and the District of Columbia. 1
26. The school desegregation crisis persisted after Little Rock, as southern states searched for ways to maintain de jure segregation. 1
27. The scientific learn of desegregation knowledge into computer systems to solve complex problems that would routinely necessitate human skillfulness. 1
28. The Supreme Court had begun the process of applying pressure on southern states in a string of desegregation decisions. 1
29. Today, during the very act of large-scale townish constructions, these cultural relics full of rare architecture culture history are facing the danger of desegregation. 1
30. Ultimately, Marshall would obtain another Supreme Court decision, this one ordering the immediate desegregation of the Little Rock public schools. 1




desegregations (plural noun)

  - the ending of a policy of racial segregation.


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