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1. 'I think he swore:I didn't mind him, I was straining to see the bairn, 'she began again to describe it rapturously . 1
2. 'It's so ..., so ...' I was groping for the right word to describe it. 1
3. 'Register' is the term commonly used to describe different levels of formality in language. 1
4. 'Swine flu', the word used to describe the killer viral infection, has been named the most politically incorrect word of 2009 by Global Language Monitor, a group that studies word usage. 1
5. 'Zero Impedance Branch' model based on the character of PDN structure is introduced, then the ER model of PDMS AM/FM/GIS has been built, and the designing procedure is briefly described. 1
6. " (Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes was more pithy when he described a word as "the skin of a living thought. 1
7. " And white wines with a lively taste could be described as "crisp", "zesty" or "steely. 1
8. " Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers has described Chuck Berry as "a musical scientist who discovered a cure for the blues. 1
9. " No, wrong. "... presumedly altering their structure or at least compensating for the described dark matter decay, correct? 1
10. " When the interviewee was described as extraverted, almost all the questions presumed extraversion, such as, "What would you do to liven up a dull party? 1
11. "AN ABSOLUTE dog's breakfast" is how David Collins describes the standard of fan blades in air-conditioning systems. 1
12. "Animal migrants do not respond to sensory inputs from resources that would readily elicit responses in other circumstances, " is the dry, careful way Dingle describes it. 1
13. "Breathtaking," is how Ted Honderich, a philosopher at University College London, scathingly describes Singer's foray into traditional philosophical territory. 1
14. "Fuel failure" is a better term to describe the failure of the fuel rod barrier (Zircaloy). 1
15. "Gender apartheid is the best word to describe the situation in Saudi Arabia," wrote blogger Eman al-Nafjan. 1
16. "Grenade" was a word used widely by investors and other EU governments, such as fellow bailout recipient Ireland, to describe Monday's leftfield shock. Markets reacted accordingly. 1
17. "He described a chance to keep the American promise and he made a lot of promises. He is the pied piper of promises," said Mike Vanderboegh, of Pinson, Alabama. 1
18. "Kubla khan, " a poem is a poet of his dreams of magic describes a poem. 1
19. "Mutual admiration best describes the father and son team on the Hoagy Carmichael classic, "Stardust. 1
20. "Object state diagram" is to describe dynamic characteristics of object and based on it, The dynamic function control model for concurrent design can be built. 1
21. "Our study describes 2 cases of anaphylaxis after 380,000 doses of the quadrivalent vaccine had been administered, " the researchers conclude. 1
22. "Overnight, a traditional elephant migration route would become a rice farm," Vathana describes. 1
23. "Right now, if you get sick in Duk County, you need 20 strong young men to carry you 75 miles (121 kilometers) to the nearest medical facility, " Dau describes. 1
24. "Survival of the fittest" is a conversational way to describenatural selection, but a more technical description speaks ofdifferential rates of survival and reproduction. 1
25. "Swine flu", the word previously used to describe the A/H1N1 flu, has been named the most politically incorrect word of 2009 by Global Language Monitor, a group that studies word usage. 1
26. "To re-explain the explanation" can describe more actually the whole course of the essay's realizing implication, and can work as one of the essay' s implication' s realizing ways. 1
27. "Wail" is a kind of psychical verb that cannot be sketched and described directly by pictures. 1
28. "We can't describe this economic system as capitalism, I describe it as statism," he said. 2
29. A "cushion basket" is how Le Corbusier Group described this yielding cube of leather. 1
30. A 19th century French traveler described an excruciating method in India during the rule of the Rajahs. 1

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