Depressed Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 'I'm feeling really depressed.' 'The winter here has that effect sometimes.' 1
2. " Pei - yao, " he said , " for two days now you've looked worried and rather depressed. 1
3. "So Elijah went from there and found Elisha son of Shaphat" (I Kings 19:19). depressed people need true friends. 1
4. "We wake up from dreams happy or depressed, and those feelings can stay with us all day" says Stanford sleep researcher Dr, William Dement. 1
5. A 102 key tactile keyboard has keys that give out an audible click when depressed. 1
6. A depressed person often shows self-pity and a lack of interest in the outside world. 1
7. A few insects have tracheae that swell into thin-walled balloons which are depressed and expanded as the abdomen pumps up and down. 1
8. A particular operator control key which, when depressed, advances the tape until a tape skip restore character is sensed. 1
9. A rise in oil prices depressed the car market. 1
10. Abstract: South Region of Gansu is a depressed area. 1
11. According to seismic reflection structure, it can be divided into 3 types: slope, plat form and depressed area, including 16 seismic facies. 1
12. Acupressure is manual pressure applied to a specific slightly depressed point on the body. 1
13. After all, have you seen me moping around the place recently, getting depressed, crying? 1
14. After the development of tachyphylaxis to ephedrine in rats, the dose-pressor-response curve of tyramine was depressed (Fig. 7), while that of noradrenaline was not altered significandy. 1
15. AIM: To observe effects of acupuncture on praxiology and monoamine neurotransmitter in frontal cortex of depressed model rats and analyze the mechanism of acupuncture on treating depression. 1
16. Al-Jadaa's business helps drive down unemployment in her economically depressed area. 1
17. All of the women without a confiding relationship or a job who also experienced one of the other vulnerability factors became depressed. 1
18. Alt. support. depression is a busy newsgroup with articles about antidepressants, group hugs and teaching while depressed. 1
19. Although his relationship with his mother had improved somewhat, he was still depressed. 1
20. Am I more exhilarated or depressed by such spectacular waste of energy? 1
21. And in sugar beet, root amino-N levels can be increased leading to depressed sugar yields. 1
22. And is it because of them that you're worried about the future - do you get depressed as a grandparent? 1
23. And it's true that bond investors have turned on governments with intractable deficits. But there is no evidence that short-run fiscal austerity in the face of a depressed economy reassures investors. 1
24. And so they wait for the ax to fall, wondering why they get more depressed and sick. 1
25. And so you stay stuck, spinning your wheels, and getting angry or depressed. 1
26. And still with the depressed status right now, are you ready to softland that new pressure in a brandnew environment at will? 1
27. And the burnished vintage settings in South Philadelphia look anything but depressed. 1
28. As he told Barbara afterwards, he had never felt more depressed. 1
29. As the years went by and the excruciating physical pain continued, the woman became understandably more and more depressed and anxious. 1
30. As we pass one after another of these kinds of homes I find myself getting more and more depressed. 1






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