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# Sentence Times
1. Do you require a security deposit? 1
2. Yes, we require a month's rent as a security deposit. 1
3. 'Many facilities are overloaded, ' says Bob Coleman, director of customer relations at Gold Silver Vault, a depository in Nampa, Idaho. 1
4. " Credit Account " means any account of the Customer for the time being designated for the purpose of receiving deposit of funds in relation to the PhoneDirect Service. 1
5. "'For this is what the Sovereign LORD says: "'Woe to the city of bloodshed, to the pot now encrusted , whose deposit will not go away! Empty it piece by piece without casting lots for them. 1
6. "Advance Payment of Fine" is essentially a combination of the two systems of deposit in security and statutory. 1
7. "An orbiting sensor like Hyperion could be used to identify chemicals in Europa's non-ice deposits that may be a sign of extraterrestrial microbial life, " NASA states. 1
8. "Double-profit financial management, " are entitled to demand regular income Shuangli management is to demand deposit accounts and accounts of two accounts together to manage a new account form. 1
9. "Interestingly, bones of giant titanosaurs are very abundant in the Pari Aike beds, suggesting that these plant-eating animals were prosperous at the time of deposition of these beds, " Novas said. 1
10. "The islands of Spitsbergen ... have large deposits of gas and oil that are currently locked under a frozen continental shelf, " the document states. 1
11. 2 O _ 5 thin films were successfully prepared on ITO substrate with electrophoresis deposition ( EDP ) through V _ 2 O _ 5 sol. 1
12. A : By the way, you a deposit when you open an account. 1
13. A : Hello . Would you tell me something about time deposit? 1
14. A : If Mr. Roberts cannot make the payment before the due date,(This website/due date.html) Mr. Tay will forfeit the deposit. 1
15. A : Would you please pass me your passbook with the deposIt'slip? 0
16. A . FXCM UK provides for bank wire, debit card, credit card, and check deposits and withdrawals. 1
17. A £50 deposit is required when ordering, and the balance is due upon delivery. 1
18. A £50 deposit is required when ordering(Sentence dictionary), and the balance is due upon delivery. 1
19. A 1,000,(This website/at par.html)000 certificate of deposit was issued at par with a coupon of 10.5 percent and 91 days to maturity. 1
20. A 1,000,000 certificate of deposit was issued at par with a coupon of 10.5 percent and 91 days to maturity. 1
21. A 1,000,000 certificate of deposit was issued at par with a coupon of 9.5 percent and 91 days to maturity. 1
22. A 10% deposit is payable in advance. 1
23. A 10% deposit is usually required on ordering with the balance on completion. 1
24. A 250,000 Lire returnable deposit is payable on arrival. 1
25. A 500,000 yuan fixed deposit is a minimum requirement for the bank's advanced members. 1
26. A Barclays deposit Account is designed to make savings simple, convenient and safe. 1
27. A bare trustee is a mere passive depositary. 1
28. A called "178" brightening agent for alkaline zincate bath was prepared by condensation, quaternization. The process conditions, properties of the bath and the deposit were also investigated. 1
29. A car's paint collects dirt , grime, bird droppings bugwater deposits , tar, oil and other substances. 1
30. A cellulose-based paste is being applied to the gypsum deposits followed by a micro-sanding with fine alumina powder. 1

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