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# Sentence Times
1. 320 vc 5402, CPLD adopted EPM 7128 SLC 84, this design predigest the hardware compose greatly and advanced the dependability. 1
2. According to the characteristic of high speed face milling process, the model of stress field of high speed face milling cutter is established on the dependability analysis. 1
3. Adopt and aggravate guides integrally, guarantee the skip sport orbit is clear, improve the dependability and life - span. 1
4. Against some avoidless jamming,(This website/dependability.html) forward error correction technology is used to raising the system dependability. 1
5. And it can find out the internal dependability at the galactostasis, papillary epithelioma or papillomatosis and breast cancer. 1
6. And the dependability that the quality of power facilities decided to aircrew moves greatly and economy. 1
7. And the dependability that the quality of power facilities decided to aircrew moves greatly and economy. This website 1
8. As a pharmaceutical company Janssen know how important dependability and consistence are. 1
9. Aspect-oriented Software Development and real-time Language Programming can reduce the complexity of real-time software. The formal methods can increase dependability of Software Development. 1
10. Authentic sex technology seeks advice from 3 products service, include dependability. 1
11. Availability, dependability and system availability of the double - passage air - to - air middle - far - distance missile weapon system are analyzed. 1
12. Avro Avians were highly respected both for dependability and performance. 1
13. By the look of the dependability and efficiency of data transmission, it have improved a lot more than the past asynchronous way and byte-oriented synchronous communication way. 1
14. Child - rearing values - sacrifice, stability, dependability, maturity - seem stale and ought toy by comparison. 1
15. child-rearing values - sacrifice, stability, dependability, maturity - seem stale and ought toy by comparison. 1
16. Confidence Moody's most enduring quality is proven dependability. 1
17. Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel body for long life field dependability. 1
18. DARPA also wants to study programming models that allow developers to more easily design in security, dependability, power efficiency and high performance. 1
19. Depend on system, have reduced the producing cost, raised the efficiency of production and dependability of system. 1
20. Devotion to person or a cause. dependability in action. 1
21. EJB technology can improve the efficiency of developing and increase system dependability. 1
22. Elaborated factors of influencing dependability of ceramic tool high-speed cutting, and made an elementary discussion so that we can widely use ceramic tools in mechanical machining industry. 1
23. For considering the usability and dependability synchronously, the system is convenient for maintaining software redevelopment. 1
24. Guarantee the dependability of data transmission, and stronger commonability. 1
25. His team, too, have clearly been below par without Gooch's usual dependability at the top of the order. 1
26. I pride myself on my punctuality, accuracy, and dependability. 1
27. In order to qualify for the minimum wage, an employee had to establish a decent home and demonstrate good personal habits, including sobriety, thriftiness, industriousness, and dependability. 1
28. In Shigang Agglomerant Factory, the nucleonic belt weigher has been adopted in the system of automatic proportioning system, and the system dependability and the maintainability were improved greatly. 1
29. In site operation, stator grounding protection often gives false signal, therefore some units raise the setting value greatly for the dependability of protection. 1
30. In the extensive distributed data base system, the data base duplication plays a very key role to the dependability and efficiency of the system. 1


[dəˌpendəˈbilədē, dēˌpendəˈbilədē]


  - the quality of being trustworthy and reliable.


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