Departure Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "It" is a video disgusting two girls, kissing, and "then" the date of departure and to respond to two " girls " cup video two girls and free video clip Cup, and video sharing, "hosting. 1
2. "Stopover" means a scheduled stop on your journey at a point between the place of departure and the place of destination. 1
3. 4.15 is too near to the time of departure. 1
4. A 1990 federal law bars local governments from prohibiting late-night and early-morning departures at a new airport without Federal Aviation Administration approval. 1
5. A cancellation fee will be charged whose amount depends on the period before departure date in which you letter is received. 1
6. A computer screen shows arrival and departure times. 1
7. A day before departure we were still lacking an itinerary. 1
8. A departure from Platonic perfection is predicted to be caused by the particle's electric dipole moment. 1
9. A departure may be warranted, for example, in a case involving a sex offense committed against a minor or if the offense resulted in serious bodily injury to a minor. 1
10. A man's voice announced the departure of the L.A. bus. 1
11. A method for computing the water departure based on the CAFEC(Climatically Appropriate for Existing Condition) precipitation is introduced. 1
12. A mis-diagnosis can result in unnecessary component removal and systems disturbance with the associated expansion of departure delay time. 1
13. A novel distributive localization method using the angle of departure is proposed to reduce the cost and complexity of existing localization methods for wireless sensor networks. 1
14. A protest by Comoran youths in Paris todaydelayed the departure of a Yemenia flight to Sana'a, and only 60 of the scheduled 160 passengers boarded the plane. 1
15. A right handed helix, moving away, is the departure of a friend. 1
16. A vessel was setting sail for Algiers, board of which the bustle usually attending departure prevailed. 1
17. A vision-based lane departure and rear-end collision warning system in car is developed in this paper, which can be applied to the structural road environment where the main obstacles are vehicles. 1
18. Additionally there were protests from the Elf colonies in the Old World who saw the departure of the armies as a betrayal. 1
19. After his departure for Spain he put on public games in absentia. 1
20. After Melo and Jovetic, viola board would have engaged also the brazilian goalie Fabio of Cruzeiro, in case of Frey departure. 1
21. After Smith's departure, his deputy Nick Logan began a glittering career at the helm. 1
22. Again, one may be forced to the conclusion that his departure was a blessing in disguise for him. 1
23. Aim to arrive at check-in at least two hours before departure. 1
24. Airline ground service management is to schedule ground support equipment units for the purpose to improve the safety and efficiency of aircraft maintenance and departure on the turn time. 1
25. All departures are from Manchester. 1
26. All the arrangements should be completed prior to your departure. 1
27. All visitors must sign the book on arrival and again on departure. 1
28. Alright. Would you please tell me your name, and date of departure? 1
29. Amazingly, Charman's departure and replacement by Simon Smith, received scant attention in the music press. 1
30. An alien shall obtain an income tax certificate from this Administration before his or her departure or upon application for his or her exit permit or for a visa extension of stay. 1

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