Demoralized Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use demoralized, so you can learn how to use demoralized in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word demoralized here, and see the words sound like or similar to demoralized

# Sentence Times
1. Accommodation failed to placate the critics and may have demoralized supporters of a strong defense. 1
2. After the game, the players were tired and demoralized. 1
3. Bad weather and many defeats demoralized the enemy. 1
4. Bored people are more likely to be isolated, depressed, demoralized, and lacking in self-esteem. 1
5. Defeat demoralized the army. 1
6. Education is useless, because it makes us demoralized. 1
7. Firstly, members of the lower strata may become totally demoralized. 1
8. Gibson's home run demoralized the Astros. 1
9. In a generation, they have descended from proud working class to demoralized underclass. 1
10. Logical deals are killed, rational arguments are shouted down, ambitious engineers are demoralized. 1
11. Losing several matches in succession had completely demoralized the team. 1
12. Nothing but the most energetic exertion on the part of the officers prevents them from becoming demoralized. 1
13. Now after the war the Nationalists were, as indicated above , weakened, demoralized, and unpopular. 1
14. Poor working conditions lead to demoralized and unproductive employees. 1
15. Talk of defeat demoralized the team. 1
16. Talk of defeat had demoralized the team. 1
17. The army demoralized by defeat. 1
18. The army was demoralized by defeat. 1
19. The boss's behavior demoralized everyone in the office. 1
20. The commander's prostration demoralized his men. 1
21. The company was demoralized and faintly musty. 1
22. The defeated army returned home as a demoralized rabble. 1
23. The enemy troops were exhausted and demoralized. 1
24. The fact that food and water were running out due to slow progress, demoralized me still further. 1
25. The illness demoralized him and recovery took several weeks. 1
26. The irresistible onslaught of the PLA sent the enemy scattering in demoralized panic - stricken groups. 1
27. The refugees were cold, hungry, and demoralized. 1
28. The rejection can leave you demoralized. 1
29. The separation of church and state has demoralized our society. 1
30. The ship's crew were now exhausted and utterly demoralized. 1

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