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# Sentence Times
1. An approximate to white crystal powder, pale-yellow crystal, soluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol or chloroform, insoluble in ether, and deliquescence. 1
2. Appearance: Red crystal. Easily deliquescent in wet air, soluble in water, alcohol and acetone, it becomes light-blue powder after losing the crystal water . 1
3. Because clean water is the deliquescent media of all sorts of nutrition material, be helpful for what all sorts of battalion nurturance divide children absorbing. 1
4. Because fibrin is a of thrombus important part, so, basically use the remedy of deliquescent fibrin at present, undertake dissolve bolt is treated. 1
5. By partial carbonation of active lime, its pressure resistance and deliquescence proof capability can be prominently improved and in the meanwhile, its activity is lowered to some extent. 1
6. Characteristic: Blue green monocline crystallization, dissolve it in water, glycerin, does not allow it in the ethanol, There is corrosive, deliquescence in weathered. 1
7. Description:White crystalline lumps, soluble in water. It should be kept in a sealed container, as it is highly deliquescent. 1
8. Ding of ? of furan ?B750 can cause a new life red blood cell is deliquescent , tall bilirubin blood disease and nucleus are icteric, gravid and terminal unfavorable also use. 1
9. Ding of ? of furan ?B750 can cause a new life red blood cell is deliquescent , tall bilirubin blood disease and nucleus are icteric(sentencedict .com), gravid and terminal unfavorable also use. 1
10. Ding of ? of furan ?B750 can cause a new life red blood cell is deliquescent , tall bilirubin blood disease and nucleus are icteric(This website/icteric.html), gravid and terminal unfavorable also use. 1
11. Discharge makeup oil is used first when cleanness deliquescent pore is smudgy , the clean black with reoccupy great bubble or clean product. 1
12. Discover the film inside these patient uteruses is local finally prostate element constituent is unusual reach fibrin deliquescent system function is too strong. 1
13. Huge bite cell gobbles up fragment of deliquescent red blood cell, block Yu Xiaoliang, make Xiaoliang metamorphic, the likelihood causes cytolysis sex glaucoma. 1
14. Is not caking, Not deliquescent. 1
15. It is deliquescent and soluble in water, forming a strongly alkaline solution. 1
16. It is deliquescent and soluble in water, forming an alkaline solution. 1
17. Maltitol in dry form is extremely hygroscopic and deliquescent. 1
18. Nature: Colorless deliquescent crystalline particles. 1
19. Prop. :White crystal, easy deliquescence, soluble in water. 1
20. Prop. :White triangle crystal, easy deliquescence, with taste of acetic acid, soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in acetone. 1
21. Properties: color lobed or needle crystal, hexagonal columnar crystal obtained after distillation, easy deliquescence. 1
22. Shape:Colorless granular crystal, easily soluble in water and alcohol, easy to deliquescence in moist air. 1
23. Specific Property: Magnesium chloride is a white or brownish yellow, flake or granular crystal. It tastes bitter and is easily deliquesces. 1
24. The addition of NaOH greatly enhanced the sorbent reactivities toward SO2 because NaOH is deliquescent and its presence increased the amount of water collected by the sorbent. 1
25. The corn protein foam powder was prepared by using corn gluten powder as the main material through the deliquescence of amylase, hydrolysis, discolor, deodorizing and drying. 1
26. The experiment of recirculation fumigation and natural deliquescence of dichlorvos and aluminium phosphide mixed with grain powder is introduced. 1
27. The rates of leaching deliquescence and agglomeration of the tested fertilizers are also examined. 1
28. The surface effects produced by welding, heat-tint formation or oxidation, fluxing action of slag, and the deliquescence of slag can be important factors in the corrosion behavior of metals. 1
29. With the properties of avoiding deliquescence and crystallization, the whole sugar powder can be applied extensively in food industry instead of part of cane sugar or starch syrup. 1

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