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31. And someone taking long - delayed civil action because traumatization prevented criminal action within the applicable time limit.This website/time limit.html 1
32. Animals were randomly allocated into 4 groups:sham-operated group, normothermia group, delayed hypothermia group and immediate hypothermia group with 7 rat each. 1
33. As the stage of applying nitrogen was delayed, the grain protein content of common wheat and durum wheat was increased. But the amount of increasing was different between durum wheat and common wheat. 1
34. As we headed back to Calais, the coach was badly delayed by roadworks. 1
35. Asthenia cold can induce many kinds of menopathy such as hypomenorrhea, delayed menorrhea, menostasia, algomenorrhea, and so on. 1
36. At the same time, in our clinic, we note that, the relationships among hypomenorrhea, delayed menorrhea and amenorrhea , which bot. 1
37. Attention: UN001 mechanical problem, estimated time of departure (ETD is delayed until 16:30. 1
38. Background processing is provided by the excellent delayed_job gem—specifically, the collectiveidea fork (see Resources). 0
39. Barring another honourable war, that may yet be Grumman's fate - if slightly delayed. 1
40. Based on our recent researching results, delayed ettringite formation ( DEF ) in massive shrinkage compensating concrete and its influence on the concrete properties are discussed to reply Mr. 1
41. Based on the delayed coke principles, the measures for retarding the coke formation velocity and prolonging the continuous production period of coke oven are reasonable design and careful operation. 1
42. Because international surveillance is severely limited, early detection of infections that are imported from abroad is often delayed. 1
43. Because of resource constraints, the training of Chinese agents at CIA facilities in Asia was delayed, and the first Third Force team to be airdropped did not deploy until April 1952. 1
44. Because of the delayed diagnosis no antitoxin was given. 1
45. Bernstein, Michael . The Great Depression: delayed Recovery and Economic Change . 1987. 1
46. BLT.L), the world's largest diversified miner, said on Monday it would revise delayed expansion projects in Chile early next year if a recovery in copper prices is sustained. 1
47. Breath hydrogen test after a bean meal demonstrates delayed oro-cecal transit time in children with chronic constipation. 1
48. Buffer stock is held in individual workstations against the possibility that the upstream workstation may be a little delayed in long setup or change-over time. 1
49. But he suggested that deployment of a robust U.N.-AU peacekeeping mission is still being delayed by Sudanese obstacles, as well as by a lack of troops and military assets for the force. 1
50. But Internet sales are being delayed until kinks can be smoothed out, as well as security issues. 1
51. But it would prohibit delayed placements for the purpose of matching a child with same-race parents. 1
52. But that only delayed the day of reckoning. 1
53. But the Senate has delayed action on its version of the financial reform bill until Congress returns July twelfth. 1
54. But the start of the scheme has been delayed until later this year. 1
55. But then came the news his immigration application had been delayed a few weeks because he's a diabetic. 1
56. But this approach performs multiple reformulations on behalf, only when mapping path breakage occurs, resulting in the delayed response time. 1
57. But what did matter was the effect of a delayed decision on his schedule. 1
58. But, cell death is delayed if a lot of the in enzyme telomerase is produced. 1
59. By answering these questions, the writer makes an anolysis about the formin mechanism of delayed export drawback. 1
60. By establishing a paradigm for psychological investigation that lasted for some forty years, behaviourists seriously delayed the understanding of human cognition. 1

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