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# Sentence Times
1. “Since the signing of the Cross-Debarment agreement earlier this year, INT has worked diligently with our MDB partners to ensure that enforcement is not delayed,” said McCarthy. 1
2. "We are working on it" have declared Amauri's agents Mariano and Vittorio Grimaldi, "today's meeting has been delayed only because we had a contretemps and so did Juventus executives". 1
3. A noncritical task can be lengthened or delayed without affecting the end of the project. 1
4. A planned military assault on Mactan yesterday was unaccountably delayed. 1
5. A problem with a sail on the 28 ft boat delayed his arrival in Antigua by 24 hours. 1
6. A row between cane producers and the state government delayed harvesting for several weeks this year. 1
7. A series of technical foul-ups delayed the launch of the new product. 1
8. A shares because of the continuing slump and sluggish market confidence, GEM has been delayed indefinitely. 1
9. A special teacher was leading a group of child, there are Down's child, ADHD child, speech delayed child and hypertonia child in this group. 1
10. AAL Flight 888 from New York has been delayed owning to engine trouble. 1
11. About 1,000 operations had been postponed and even cancer patients were being delayed. 1
12. ABSTRACT:Objective To study the effects of hemorrhage combined with closed fracture on delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) responses in mice and to explore the relevant mechanisms. 1
13. According to the authors the suprapublic cystostomy and delayed urethroplasty offer a better choice of therapy. 1
14. Acrylamide inhibited the nerve terminal sprouting number, postponed the peak time of nerve terminal sprouting, and delayed recovery of neuromuscular junction function. 1
15. Actions that can be delayed -- ideally the time-consuming ones -- are moved in the phases when the application is finally deleted by the CAI application purger. 1
16. Acupuncturetreatment can delayed the energy metabolism failure energy metabolism failure and has the benign modulatory effect on three regions. 1
17. Additional potential risk factors for delayed healing were examined in a subsequent exploratory analysis. 1
18. Admiral Lord Nelson School in Portsmouth was due to vaccinate girls today but has delayed the programme to "give parents time to make an informed choice". 1
19. AIM To Investigate the effect of breviscapine on delayed outward potassium current in single ventricular cell of guinea pig. 1
20. AIM To investigate the effect of mipafox that induced delayed neuropathy on neural differentiation in human neuroblastoma SK-N-SH cells and elucidate its mechanism. 1
21. AIM: To evaluate the effect of captopril on action potential duration and outward delayed rectification potassium current (Ik). 1
22. Airport officials received a stream of verbal abuse from angry passengers whose flights had been delayed. 1
23. All BA short - haul flights from Heathrow have been cancelled and others delayed. 1
24. All flights to New York today are delayed because of bad weather. 1
25. All flights to Tokyo were delayed because of bad weather. 1
26. Allergic contact dermatitis(ACD) is an inflammatory dermatologic disease induced by delayed type allergy. It refers to many kinds of mediators of inflammation and itch. 1
27. Although fixed splitting denotes delay in normal closure of the pulmonic valve, paradoxical splitting denotes delayed closure of the aortic valve. 1
28. Although his speech is a little delayed, he is a skilled communicator and mixes well with children and adults. 1
29. And a San Diego judge has delayed indefinitely his order to remove a harbor seal colony. 1
30. And someone taking long - delayed civil action because traumatization prevented criminal action within the applicable time limit. 1

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