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# Sentence Times
1. “Since the signing of the Cross-Debarment agreement earlier this year, INT has worked diligently with our MDB partners to ensure that enforcement is not delayed,” said McCarthy. 1
2. "I think the RRR rise this time aims mainly at curbing inflation ...The move is likely to delay the next interest rate rise to the end of this month or the beginning of next month, " Du said. 1
3. "If anyone would like to vent their frustration at the delay by blowing the crap out of me with mines I'll be available for games. " he added. 1
4. "We are working on it" have declared Amauri's agents Mariano and Vittorio Grimaldi, "today's meeting has been delayed only because we had a contretemps and so did Juventus executives". 1
5. "We think there's an effort by judicial authorities to delay the process for four or five years until the matter is forgotten," Joel Rosales, the mayor of San Juan de Marcona, said this month. 1
6. A all-pass with constant time delay based on Bessel filter is Put forward at the same time, its amplitude response is constant , there are constant relay time within the scope of low frequency. 1
7. A barely perceptible delay as you gaze through it. 1
8. A child with cerebral palsy may have additional disabilities such as visual problems, language delay or coordination difficulties. 1
9. A compensation method to realize a optimum notch filter is developed and implemented by matching the loss of fiber delay line with the coupling-coefficient of couplers. 1
10. A conservative coalition of Democrat and Republican congressmen developed which could delay further reforms, and sometimes block them altogether. 1
11. A continuous reheating industrial furnace is large inertia, pure delay, multi-variables, time-varying, intercoupling complicated controlled plant, and has many uncertain factors. 1
12. A delay of two hours did not dampen their enthusiasm . 1
13. A delay would also be impractical for the reasons already mentioned. 1
14. A deputation of Confederates had come to demand that he and his men evacuate the fort without further delay. 1
15. A design of auto-adaptive PI controller is stated, aimed to the pure delay problem in the water temperature control process. 1
16. A document filed incorrectly can a delay in a business transaction. 1
17. A fading correlation model considering antenna spacing, scattering angel and the amount of delay spread was constructed assuming uniform circular antenna (UCA) at the receiver side. 1
18. A Filter node is used to select only those exception conditions that we want to reprocess after a delay (the others are just sent to a Trace node). 1
19. A formula of atmospheric refraction error of range measured by difference frequency delay method is presented. 1
20. A frequency domain adaptive maximum likelihood (ML) time delay estimation algorithm based on squared coherence function is proposed. 1
21. A fuzzy controller is designed to decide the optimal tactic of distributing the information flow of the queue system, which makes the time of the clients delay least in the communication system. 1
22. A generic technique to avoid class-loading delays during the time-sensitive parts of your application is to preload classes during application startup or initialization. 1
23. A girl enjoys water pouring down from a stadium's upper balcony during a rain delay before the start of a MLB baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays in Arlington, Texas June 10. 1
24. A heavy lorry has jack-knifed on the motorway, causing long delays. 1
25. A high order delay model is applied to estimate interconnect delay and a nonlinear delay model based on look-up table is for buffer delay estimation. 4
26. A high order delay model is applied to estimate interconnect delay and show that a nonlinear delay model based on look-up table is for buffer delay estimation. 4
27. A host of problems may delay the opening of the Channel Tunnel. 1
28. A kind of state observer dealing with inducing delay is designed, and an experiment on the mobile robot control system shows that the design concept is right and effective. 1
29. A lady in Brighton has requested my help in a poisoning case, and I must go there without delay. 1
30. A late acceptance is nevertheless effective as an acceptance if without delay the offeror orally so informs the offeree or dispatches a notice to that effect. 1

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