Dejected Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A dejected Hammam is prepared for the worst - sacrificing Premier League status and possibly even suffering successive seasons of relegation. 1
2. A dejected woman in the crowd who scare buy new share. 1
3. A man used to vicissitudes is not easily dejected. 1
4. Actor cruel is experiencing this kind of trustful crisis dejectedly. 1
5. And I knew that I'd be seeing it in my more dejected moments for a long time to come. 1
6. As he was walling dejectedly down the street, he ran into little Horse's grandfather. 1
7. As we stood there dejectedly, a woman came running towards us. 1
8. At the time, however, rejected again, he bade farewell and, dejected, rode off. 1
9. Behind her, the backdrop depicted some dejected and very limp trees, possibly willows that had practised their weeping rather well. 1
10. Being in low spirits; dejected and disheartened. 1
11. Berret sat down dejectedly to write his lengthy report. 1
12. Everyone has days when they feel dejected or down. 1
13. Greg sounded dejected. "Anything wrong?" I said. 1
14. He looked utterly dejected when she told him he'd failed again. 1
15. He stared dejectedly at his feet. 1
16. He was dashing and dejected, poised and chagrined. He was complacent and insecure. 1
17. He was totally dejected said RSPCA inspector Terry Winbstone. 1
18. He was understandably dejected after losing in the first round to an unseeded American. 1
19. He worked in the sort of way that makes Spike Lee wistful. He dazzled in the sort of way that inspires hateful chants and dejected dozens. 1
20. Her manner was too dejected and despairing. 1
21. I spent the better part of my time moping around the house, too dejected to think about practicing my stunts. 1
22. I was the most dejected, disconsolate creature alive. 1
23. In retrospect, I was a sad little boy and a standard-issue, shiftless, egotistical, dejected teen-ager. 1
24. In the locker room there was only dejectedness. Only mourning. 1
25. It sniffed at the ground and stood, dejected, motionless. 1
26. Kirkwood was a particularly dejected figure after their defeat. 1
27. Last of all came Fiver, dejected and reluctant as a sparrow in the frost. 1
28. My 12-year-old came home from school red-eyed and dejected. 1
29. Nicholson returned to the bosom of his friends, somewhat dejected but still determined. 1
30. On this occasion City accepted with relish the chances which came their way and inflicted serious psychological damage on their dejected opponents. 1

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