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1. "This debt buildup is due to massive spending that we cannot afford, and deficits that go unaddressed," said Senator Judd Gregg, the senior Republican on the Senate Budget Committee. 1
2. A strict constitutionalist, he wasalso more consistent than the rest of them in his rejection of debts, deficitsand runaway government spending. 1
3. Again, we must focus on structural, ongoing deficits, rather than temporary blips that naturally accompany recessions. 1
4. Almost since taking office in 2003, he has been badgering leaders to cut their budget deficits and deregulate to encourage entrepreneurship and growth. 1
5. An agreement is expected to send bond yields lower by curbing the supply of securities the Treasury sells to finance annual deficits. 1
6. And it's true that bond investors have turned on governments with intractable deficits. But there is no evidence that short-run fiscal austerity in the face of a depressed economy reassures investors. 1
7. And some developing countries always use government debts as capital resource Thus fiscal deficits are accumulated. 1
8. And the final remaining colonial deficits were normally financed on short-term credit, and American merchants usually purchased goods from England on one-year credit. 1
9. And, most important, will the Federal Reserve be forced to monetize these deficits, thus leading to a new round of inflation? 1
10. As a senator, Dole has worried more about budget deficits and debt than most of his Republican colleagues. 1
11. As we noted earlier, these capital inflows have financed the current account deficits. 1
12. As we will discover in Chapter 15, in recent years large Federal deficits have caused the public debt to rise sharply. 1
13. At present, the electro-acupuncture apparatus for basic architectonic is used for decades, but, there are still deficits in electro-acupuncture apparatus needed for study and research. 1
14. At present, therefore, fiscal deficits are not crowding the private sector out. 1
15. BACKGROUND: Combined latissimus dorsi and teres major musculotendinous transfer has been described for the treatment of massive rotator cuff deficits. 1
16. Balance - of - payments deficits are increasingly financed by special drawing rights at the International Monetary Fund. 1
17. Both countries suffer from soaring unemployment, large budget deficits and wobbly financial sectors. 1
18. Brachial plexus deficits with and without shoulder dystocia . . 1
19. Brazil and Mexico both have deficits of less than 2% of GDP, a far cry from the fiscal laxness of a few years ago. 1
20. BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The euro zone's overall budget gap fell last year but deficits in Greece and Portugal were higher than expected, underlining the challenges presented by their austerity programs. 1
21. But he failed miserably in getting lawmakers to pass offsetting spending cuts, aggravating two decades of deficits. 1
22. But he hopes that scans should illuminate the precise areas of any deficits. 1
23. But smaller deficits brought on either by spending cuts or higher taxes reduce purchasing power. 1
24. But the current budget deficit is five times larger than the deficit in 2003 when Orszag, Robert Rubin and others were warning that deficits threatened "financial and fiscal disarray." 1
25. But the size of today's deficits—on top of the future cost of existing pension and health-care promises—means growth alone will not be enough. 0
26. But, ah, what might have been, if we did not have this political fixation on reducing or eliminating deficits. 1
27. But, in practice, the demand for reserves has generated current account deficits in the issuing country. 1
28. Candidates for a single currency must limit their public deficits to 3 percent of gross domestic product by the end of 1997. 1
29. Cerebral palsy is often associated with impaired intellectual function, sensory deficits, behavioral disorders and seizures. 1
30. Chinese officials have in recent months positioned themselves as sharp-eyed critics of U. S. fiscal deficits and unconventional monetary policy. 1




  - the amount by which something, especially a sum of money, is too small.


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