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1. " Now, let me see, ' said Hurstwood, looking over Carrie's shoulder very deferentially. 1
2. A 32-year-old man recovered completely from hypokalemic hypertension that had been caused by primary reninism after the ablation of an ectopic left testis, epididymis and ductus deferens. 1
3. A constitutionalist administration would also defer to state laws refusing compliance with the REAL ID act and denying federal authority over interstate gun transactions. 1
4. A credit must state whether it is available by sight payment, deferred payment, acceptance or negotiation. 1
5. A further pipeline from Urengoy was originally planned for 1986-90 but may be deferred because of the market situation. 1
6. A person familiar with the situation says Citigroup employees generally will get about 25% to 60% of their compensation as long-term deferred stock or cash, the person says. 1
7. A sales charge or commission paid when an individual sells an investment, such as a mutual fund or an annuity . Also called redemption fee or deferred sales charge. 1
8. According to movement of piston in hydraulic rock drill, the deferential equation on piston was set up and its kinematic parameters' formula was deduced. 1
9. According to the deferent error hierarchy of the output variables, the hierarchical fuzzy control and the steady state output is switched over. 1
10. According to various financial indexes, the present asset-liability ratio of our SOE is too high and the refunding ability is too low, which has deferred the deepening reform of SOE. 1
11. Adopt the gantry multi - armed mechanically deferent manners, run fast. 1
12. Adopt the gantry multi - arms and mechanically deferent manner, run steady. 1
13. Adopt the gantry multi - arms mechanically deferent manner, run steady. 1
14. After a one - year deferral, the borrower repays the loan over five years. 1
15. After discovering these problems, changjiang Delta spring to defer to cooperate greenly with Zhao Song. 1
16. After excluding the value of cash, deferred tax assets and Mobility's cable-set top box business, Google is paying less than $6 billion for Mobility's patent portfolio, Sanford C. Bernstein estimates. 1
17. AIX 7 provides three different modes of paging space allocation: deferred page space allocation, late page space allocation, and early page space allocation. 1
18. All deferred tax liabilities, and all deferred tax assets to the extent that it is probable. 2
19. All students are eligible for "unsubsidized" federal Stafford loans, which let them defer interest payments until after graduation. 1
20. All the waiters were suave and deferential, but her waiter had an edge. 1
21. Allergic reaction is behaved more in ester kind bureau anaesthetic (like procaine) , divide defer reaction and immediateness reaction. 1
22. Alone with Val after dinner, he sipped deferentially and answered the advances of his new - found brother - in - law . 1
23. Although they were dressed formally in dark suits, both men were wearing heavy rubber boots in deference to winter. 1
24. An investment in certain business, activities, etc. that legally entitles the investor to avoid, reduce, or defer income ta. 1
25. An investment in certain business, activities, etc. that legally entitles the investor to avoid, reduce, or defer income ta.This website/defer.html 1
26. And Americans do swing from aggressive overpraise of their literature to anequally unfortunate, imitative deference. 1
27. And I felt resentful contempt of my own, for Sebastian and his deferential barber. 1
28. And that a few deferential protestations would take the edge from her displeasure. 1
29. And they are expected to defer to men's'will with great docility and simplicity. 1
30. And when fertilizer is insufficient, new branch grows feeble, blade decrescent hair is yellow, the time that bud forms is deferred backward, flower decrescent , fragrance is feeble. 1

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