Defective Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A defective used car ("lemon") is generally the result of untraceable actions, like the owners driving style, maintenance habits and accidents. 1
2. A manufacturer negligently made and marketed a car with defective brakes. 1
3. A seller will prefer that the buyer's only remedy in respect of defective goods should be the express one granted under the contract. 1
4. A transketolase - defective Bacillus subtilis strains HG 02 was treated with diethylsulfate ( DES ) to obtain D - ribose producing strain. 1
5. A white colony mutant, 1-40-271, was normal in sporulation and spore germination, but defective in appressorium development and totally lost in pathogenicity. 1
6. About 500 of the drivers suffered from either defective near vision or distant vision, Parimoo added. Another 25 suffered from color blindness, while five had irreparable vision damage. 1
7. Acute respiratory insufficiency in the postoperative patient may be caused by defective ventilation. 1
8. All grades of disorders occur, ranging from defective skeletal coverings to absence of the brain. 1
9. All the same, the dollar - based global monetary system is defective. 1
10. Along with Japanese products is synonymous with cheap goods , and defective. 1
11. And developments which did not contribute to, nor necessarily seek that objective were for that reason defective. 1
12. Any analysis of human behavior which neglected these facts would be defective indeed. 1
13. Any area of the coating found to be off-ratio or uncured shall be repaired by removal of all defective coating, and re-prepared and re-coated in accordance with the specification described herein. 1
14. Any omission or failure on the part of the Owner's inspector to disapprove or reject any work or materials shall not be construed as an acceptance of any defective work or materials. 1
15. As a sign of his good faith, the company has agreed to replace the defective parts for free. 1
16. Based on the statistical analysis on many defective products, the main trouble of the new vehicle battery is considered to be power-lack and sulfuration. 1
17. Basically smooth and shiny on the surface, have no obvious fault of contraction dent, brindle, warpage, defective bubble and plastify. 1
18. BB shall replace the defective goods in the time AA requires. 1
19. Besides the history and conception reasons, the defectiveness of pricing mechanism is also a major reason for the current situation of the intermediary business. 1
20. But a genetic mutation leads to defective microglia, which drive the mice to perform the odd, self-mutilating behavior. 1
21. But any grounds for the House to consider that the appeal hearing was so defective as to require re-opening seem nonexistent. 1
22. But inherent in the diagnostic procedure is a presumption that defective embryos will be discarded. 1
23. But that same enzyme system is defective in 20 percent of normal, healthy people. 1
24. But there is rarely any direct correlation between defective products and liability awards. 1
25. But this living human of oneself, color paint down because more than a yearses, unexpectedly tin not compare with his heart bottom leftovers remaining write quite shallowly a put on defective track. 1
26. But this living human of oneself, color paint down because more than a yearses,(This website/shallowly.html) unexpectedly tin not compare with his heart bottom leftovers remaining write quite shallowly a put on defective track. 1
27. Channelopathies are a heterogeneous group of genetic diseases in which a defective ion channel is responsible for the symptoms. 1
28. Children who are malnourished with chronic diarrhoea have defective gastric acid secretion. 1
29. Clean bill of lading: A bill of lading which has no superimposed clause(s)expressly declaring a defective condition of the packaging or goods. 1
30. Clinical cretinism results in an extremely high degree of mental defectiveness and impairment. 1

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