Defection Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A gating circuit of the power amplifier was introduced, this method successfully solutes the high noise defection of present power amplifier. 1
2. Aim It is difficulty in judging the transmission by defection and graph. But it can become more easily through matrix of relation. 1
3. Andy Hertzfeld recalls being so stunned at the defection that he felt the entire project might fall apart. 1
4. As Colonel Karuna's defection suggests, the Tigers'grip on the east was always loose. 1
5. Barring unexpected defections from the coalition, Mr Hashimoto should be confirmed in a special parliamentary session on Thursday. 1
6. But at the last minute, following a series of defections, O'Connor was drafted into the side at full back. 1
7. But for its defection, there are large number of redundancy and error in slice profile data. 1
8. By these solutions, the incomplete penetration welded defection can be eliminated completely. 1
9. Deadlock is a boring game where mutual defection pays best. 1
10. Discontent in the party will lead to further defections. 1
11. Dressing is widely used in the treatment of defection the dermal system caused by burn. 1
12. Enterprises have to realize that 1 % defection of a product equals 100 % loss for the customer. 1
13. Especially on liberal initiatives, they face defections by moderates, as well as Republican delaying tactics. 1
14. Following Rothermere's defection, radical voices within the movement suggested the use of open anti-semitism to stimulate popular response. 1
15. Following the defections, Copeland appointed himself treasurer and chairman of his own campaign. 1
16. Having a good prediction on customer′s buying behavior is the key to many studying sections, such as customer lifetime valuation(CLV) and customer defection management. 1
17. He denounced the defection as a stab in the back. 1
18. Highly placed Republic officials brought with them trained soldiers, advanced weaponry, and inside knowledge with each defection. 1
19. His defection from the party dim his political career. 1
20. His defection to the other side was the ultimate betrayal. 1
21. Houghton, Lonsdale, and presumably also the Krogers would all be blown by the defection. 1
22. If this is true, this should be following the defection of the Libyan foreign minister to Britain after the Coosa, and a Libyan official heavyweight fled. 1
23. In the personal application field, it can provide handy SDS (short data service), which can remedy the defection of traditional paging system and offer a chance to unite the paper industry. 1
24. It is this Magisterium 's task to preserve God's people from deviations and defections and to guarantee them the objective possibility of professing the true faith without error. 1
25. It seemed to indicate that the primary reason for the defection was homosexuality. 1
26. It was he who first fingered Philby in the USA after defection of Burgess and Maclean. 1
27. Jihadist ideology has also been facing what may prove to be bigger threats than those posed by military setbacks or defections. 1
28. Markov model can overcome this defection, so combine CM(1,1) with Markov model to predict peak-load of an area in Shangdong province. 1
29. Methods Adopting the chest abdomen consociation flap to repair arms large area skins defection in 23 cases. 1
30. Mukhamedov's defection two years ago, just as Communism was falling apart, will not be forgiven in a hurry. 1





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